Believe it or not, fall is in the air and we all know what's around the corner.

Believe it or not, fall is in the air and we all know what's around the corner.


An issue which has been discussed somewhat in the past involves Honesdale Borough and the winter season parking law currently on the books.

The law is outdated and needs to be addressed.

The law basically outlaws overnight street parking from Dec. 1 through March 1.

The issue has been brought up to the Honesdale Borough Council on a few occasions. Some have asked the council to reconsider the law and use some common sense.

They are right.

Anyone who is familiar with Honesdale Borough knows that parking is "tight" all throughout the town. Houses are built on hillsides and many of them have been turned into multi-family dwellings. That means parking which was meant for Model T cars is no longer an option.

Yet the parking areas have not grown.

The other part of the problem has to do with enforcement.

Take last year for example.

Sure, it was a mild winter and there was very little snow. Still, even when forecasters were saying there wasn't going to be any snow for the coming week, the police department continued to write tickets to cars parked along the streets in the borough.

This is ludicrous.

The only reason this must have happened had to do with collection of revenue. Why else would anyone now simply use common sense and realize there is no snow coming so let the residents park where the can?

Jim Brennan, chairman of the streets committee for the borough, said quite a few months back he would raise the issue during a committee meeting and let the public know.

That has yet to happen and December isn't that far away.

We realize the borough has been busy with many problems and issues. But that does not change the fact this issue is coming real soon and it needs to be dealt with.

There are many solutions to the problem, including alternative side parking, but those can't be discussed unless a meeting is called specifically about this issue.

We call on the chairman of the committee to address this issue and let the local residents know a discussion is going to take place. We will be more than happy to let everyone in the borough know this issue is about to be discussed and we'll encourage them to attend and give input.

This might seem like a small matter to many but it is not to those people who struggle just to find parking, let alone find off-street parking even when the forecast calls for sunny skies and not a flake of snow for a week.

It's time this matter be addressed and now, not later, is the time for that to happen.

We hope it does.