If you watched any of the Democratic National Convention last week, you know that every bad thing that has happened in the country the last few years is the fault of the Republicans.

At least that has seemed to be the case ever since the Republicans held their convention last month, when everything was blamed on the Democrats.

If you are registered as an Independent or belong to any of several extra parties that turn up every election, you likely are happy.

Hey, we had nothing to do with it, you can safely say, holding your arms up in protest. We never get elected. Nothing is ever our fault. Nobody has let us make a decision for decades.

There is a certain amount of freedom in being nearly totally out of favor.

But the Democrats and Republicans they both are to blame. Or neither is to blame, depending upon how you look at it.

If you listened to Democrats last week, all of our problems a sagging economy, rampant social ills, an unaffordable health care system and, quite possibly, the increase in sports concussions and the decrease in really good movies occurred because of programs instituted by the previous Republican administration.

Republicans, on the other hand, maintained at their convention in August that they left the country in very good shape. Things couldnt have been better. They only started to go downhill after the Democrats took over probably at the very moment the president had his hand on the Bible.

I solemnly swear, he said, then you heard a very loud sucking sound when things started to go down the drain.

Hey, thats not me talking. I just listened to the speeches. I thought I had it figured out. I pretty much knew how I was going to vote. Now I dont like anybody. I think Im going to write in the name of my neighbor.

He hasnt done anything that greatly damaged the country, at least not that the Democrats or Republicans mentioned. If they could blame anything on him, they would.

You know were going to have to listen to Republicans and Democrats yap until Election Day.

Candidates will give speeches at campaign stops, knowing that their opponents are not in town and wont be able to come up on stage and punch them. So theyll say harsh things about the opposing party.

And our opponents dont just have bad ideas about economic policies. Remember when you lost your keys a few days ago? We think they took them. ...

Negative political ads will continue the debate, perhaps taking it to a personal level. He has absolutely no foreign policy, and he wears ties that are embarrassing to the country.

Personally, the last crucial part of the campaign is just starting, and Im already tired of the bickering. I know weve got a bunch of problems in this country, but frankly Im surprised there are so many differences of opinion on how to solve them. If there were that many potential solutions, youd think we already would have stumbled on one that worked.So Ive decided Im not going to place any blame. Ill vote my conscience. I might flip a coin. Or I might vote for my neighbor. Hes pretty bright. Im sure hed do a good job, no matter what another neighbor says.

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