A major shakeup has happened with emergency services in Wayne County.

A major shakeup has happened with emergency services in Wayne County.

In a hurried negotiations, Lackawanna Ambulance, which is the parent company of Wayne Ambulance, has taken over Honesdale EMS.

Though we understand there have been behind-the-scenes discussions for a while, the deal still did happen quickly. Why that was necessary remains unknown though it appears obvious there were financial issues involved. That seems the only plausible reason it had to happen so quickly.

But what is done is done and now things have to move forward.

It's unquestionable many people associated with Honesdale EMS are unhappy and probably bitter. It is never easy when competition comes to the area and suddenly the playing field is much different.

In learning about this issue, we also discovered some of the workers who were offered jobs with Wayne Ambulance have yet to accept those jobs. That is understandable given the circumstances.

On the other hand, the need for EMS service in Wayne County has not changed so somebody is going to take those jobs and it would make sense if those people were ones who already live here and are trained.

That, however, is a personal decision.

We would be remiss, though, if we didn't point out the positive factors when it comes to Wayne Ambulance.

For one, since arriving on the scene, they have been a great community partner. Wayne Ambulance participates at events in towns throughout the region. They work with fire companies, police officials schools and many other and seem to be genuine in this aspect of their business.

In an interview which appears in today's paper, the vice president of Wayne Ambulance says not only are they going to continue to be good community partners, they plan to ramp it up even more.

We take him at his word.

To date, they have shown nothing but professionalism and a willingness to work with people and organizations and that speaks volumes.

Like most businesses, public relations and maybe even more importantly, public perception, are paramount. Wayne Ambulance "gets it" when it comes to this aspect of operating a business.

As a vital business in this area, they know that giving back goes a long way in showing they are sincere. We have seen nothing to indicate anything but sincerity with Wayne Ambulance.

Of course like anything, things can change and time is the ultimate judge of the results. We will see if their words live up to their actions.

Again, their history indicates that will be the case.

And there's another factor involved here, too. That is personal relationships.

If you know someone with Wayne Ambulance, you have probably discovered they are very professional and willing to listen. This is so important, especially in the tough business of dealing with people who are in trouble.

This quality goes a long way when it comes to business success. It could very well be the quality which led to the current circumstances.

Whether you like it or not, Wayne Ambulance is here to stay and now is the time to give them a chance and see what happens. Though there's little choice in doing so, it appears they are open to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

That's a great step in the right direction.