A new "season" is about to begin with a current "season" in Wayne County.

A new "season" is about to begin with a current "season" in Wayne County.

The new season is school starting all across the county. Wayne Highlands and Western Wayne both open their doors to students on Monday. Wallenpaupack starts the week after.

The other season is "road construction."

Unfortunately, these seasons often overlap — and that means motorists must be aware.

In Honesdale, Terrace Street is under major repairs. Terrace is the street which leads to every school in Honesdale.

That's a recipe for problems. (See story, page 1.)

What it means in Honesdale is that drivers are being asked to take alternative routes to get to the schools. The district is going to reroute the buses to the schools, with the exception of those where children board on Terrace Street.

There's no question this is going to cause major traffic problems in the borough. What people need to keep in mind is it's just a little time. Delays are not fun, but they are simply delays.

Persons should plan ahead and maybe leave a little earlier in the morning. There are also going to be afternoon traffic tie-ups and congestion. Ridge Street will likely be very busy during certain times of the day and it's something people should plan for ahead of time.

But Honesdale is not immune to construction woes. Highway construction is taking place all over Wayne County. There are delays upon delays upon delays.

But once again, people must keep in mind the good which will come out of the construction. In the long run, construction turns out to be better roads, bridges and more.

One of the biggest complaints people have in Wayne County and across Pennsylvania concerns roads. And it's a legitimate complaint.

The roads in Pennsylvania and Wayne County are, in general, in poor condition. With state budget cuts, the future doesn't look that bright, either.

So any construction is probably a good thing at this point in time. Any road which is re-paved or bridge which is repaired is a good thing. It makes the roads safer and it's less wear and tear on vehicles.

We realize patience wears thin when it comes to construction delays. Nobody likes to sit and wait while the crews do their work.

That's just human nature.

But we again ask people to understand that crews only have so many weeks a year they can work, so a lot needs to get done at once.

This makes things inconvenient, for sure, but it is a necessary evil in our society.

So maybe take along your favorite CD and burst into song when you are waiting on that flagman to give the all clear signal. Heck, the flagman may sing along with you!