George Turturiello, ATP, RRTS receives multiple certifications within the mobility and accessibility industries.
 - Northeast Med-Equip and Northeast Accessibility are proud to announce advanced certifications earned by a very talented expert in the local community.  

George Turturiello, Mobility Specialist, currently holds his Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) credential and is in the process of obtaining his Seating and Mobility Specialist (SMS) certification through the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA). He is also a Registered Rehabilitation Technology Supplier (RRTS) with the National Registry of Rehabilitation Suppliers (NRRTS). In comparison to the over half a million registered physicians nationwide, individuals with ATP certifications number only 6,000 worldwide and those with SMS certifications total less than 200.

George divides his time between Northeast Accessibility and Northeast Med-Equip, both affiliates of Stephens Pharmacy in Honesdale, PA. Through his work with Northeast Med-Equip he is able to help mobility-challenged individuals adapt to their environment through special equipment and the modification of electromechanical systems of power chairs. Based on an individual’s specific diagnoses, George is able to adapt a piece of equipment so that it provides the most benefit for the customer. He describes his work as such, “I can solve problems by adapting equipment to the abilities of each client.” While with Northeast Accessibility he is able to modify an individual’s environment to best accommodate his/her specific needs. Such accessibility solutions sometimes include major or minor home modifications, installation of ramps, lifts or simply a review of the client’s living space with recommendations for necessary changes.

George recently aided in the Honesdale Borough Pool rehabilitation by sharing his expertise with regard to stair modifications, rail positions and lift anchor positions for increased accessibility within the community.
George brings extensive experience to Northeast Med-Equip including nine years at Pride Mobility in Exeter, PA where he began as the Lead Rehabilitation Product Designer and finished as their Lead Quantum Technology Applications Developer. While at Pride, George invented many of the high end mobility systems on the market today, worked on Lithium ion batteries for wheelchair application and still maintains several patents in the industry. Earlier in his career George spent two years in electronics certification with IBM. He currently works with clients from NEPA, NY and NJ and also consults with manufacturers and other mobility companies.

“We are proud of George’s accomplishments and are excited to be able to provide this level of service for our patients,” said Todd Stephens, Chief Operating Officer for Northeast Med-Equip.  “We are committed to helping people with limited mobility to live without limitations and George’s expertise helps us to achieve that goal.”

Examples of completed projects involving George’s expertise includes customized in-home stair lift installations, bathroom accessibility modifications, wheelchair lift installations in both homes and churches and various mobile ramping solutions. The services provided by Northeast Accessibility are extensive and more information can be obtained by contacting George directly or through the website:

George lives in Honesdale, with his wife and daughter.

Northeast Med-Equip and Northeast Accessibility will be hosting an Open House at their new showroom location at 1123 Main Street in Honesdale during the Honesdale Sidewalk Sales on July 21st from 10 a.m. -3 p.m. View equipment, speak to George and give your feedback and suggestions on what additional services may be offered to the mobility-challenged members of the community.

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