Election day is just around the corner on Tuesday, Nov. 8. and there are a number of contested races around the county.

Election day is just around the corner on Tuesday, Nov. 8. and there are a number of contested races around the county.

Starting with the county-wide races, incumbent commissioners Brian Smith (R) and Wendell Kay (D) will face current Honesdale Mayor Jonathan Fritz (R) and Jeanette Gardas (D) for the three open seats on that board.

In the only other contested county race, Intern funeral director Edward Howell (R) faces physician William Davis (D) for county coroner.

Uncontested county races — where either a candidate runs unopposed or the same number of candidates are running as there are open seats — are as follows:

County Auditor (Vote for two 2 — top three will be elected)

Judy O’Connell (R),

Kathleen Schloesser (D),
Carla J. Komar (R)

District Attorney
Janine Edwards (R,D)  

Prothonotary and Clerk of the Courts
Edward “Ned” Sandercock (R)

Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds
Ginger Golden (R)

Mark Steelman (R,D)  

Brian T Field (R)

Magisterial District Judge-22-3-03 (Canaan, Clinton 1 & 2, Lake, Prompton, S. Canaan, Waymart)
Jane E Farrell (R,D)  


In Hawley Borough, hopefuls Joseph Faubel (R,D), William Reid (R,D), Orlando D. Marrero (R), Steve Smith (R), Carolyn Lorent (D) and Elaine Herzog (D) are all vying for the four open four-year seats on Borough Council, while Alvin Myers (R,D) runs unopposed for the sole two-year term.

Honesdale’s Council race asks voters to choose three of the six candidates running for four-year seats. The candidates in that race are incumbents Nick Slish (R) and David Borthwick (R), facing newcomer Scott Smith (R), former Councilman James Leo Brennan Jr (D), Margaret (Peggy) Wright (D) and Harry DeVrieze (D).

Honesdale voters are also asked to vote for two Council members to serve two-year terms. In that race, the contenders are Juanita Pisano (R), Mike J Slish (D) and former councilman Francis J. (F.J.) Monaghan (D).

Though not exactly a contest race, in contentious Starrucca Borough three men are running for the four open seats on Borough council. Arthur Kopp (R), Louis Gurske (R) and Paul Everett are the candidates. George DeBalko runs alone for the six-year auditor’s term.

Bethany Borough’s voters have four people running for four open seats; Daniel Liptak (R), Gwen E.Borden (R), Jan Cheripko (R) and J.J. Smyth (R).

In Prompton, Allen Heberling, Lynn Holl, Brian Mikulewicz and Robert Mikulewicz, all (R)ublicans, are all shoo-ins for the four open Council seats, barring a strong write-in showing by someone else.

Similarly, Waymart Borough residents will likely be led by familiar faces come January, as Charles “Chip” Norella, Michael Farley and Craig Spewak, also all (R)ublicans, run for the three available Council seats. There is no candidate for either the two or six year auditor seats in Waymart.   


Lake Township presents its voters two choices for the open Supervisor’s seat. In that race, Robert Peters (R) faces (D)ocrat Joseph Gwozdziewycz.

Texas Township faces a contentious Supervisor’s race, pitting current Supervisor Don Doney (R) against Georgette Pascotto (D).

In Damascus Township,(R)ublican Joe Canfield faces off against (D)ocrat Delores Keesler for the open Supervisor’s seat.  

The uncontested township seats are as follows:

Berlin Twp.
Supervisor: Cathy Hunt (R)
Auditor-6 yr term: No Candidate
Auditor-2 yr term: No Candidate

Buckingham Twp.
Supervisor: Bradley D Shaffer (D)
Auditor-6 yr term: No Candidate

Canaan Twp.
Supervisor: Ronald Shemanski, (R)
Auditor-6 yr term: Linda J Mosher (R)

Cherry Ridge Twp.
Supervisor: Mark W. Lienert (R)
Auditor-6 yr term: No Candidate  

Clinton Twp.
Supervisor: Donald Salak (R,D)
Auditor-6 yr term: Robert Geuther (R)
Auditor-2 yr term: Robert Wirts (R)

Dreher Twp.
Supervisor: Jerry McLain (R)
Auditor-6 yr term: Jodi Chapman (R)  

Dyberry Twp.
Supervisor: Kevin P McGinnis (R,D)
Auditor-6 yr term: Linda Brown (R)
Auditor-2 yr term:  Patricia Fawcett Tuttle (R)

Lebanon Twp.
Supervisor-6 year term: Bryan Utegg  (R)
Supervisor-4 year term: Kevin Bryant  (R)  
Auditor-6 yr term: No Candidate

Lehigh Twp.
Supervisor: Richard Major (R,D)
Auditor-6 yr term: No Candidate
Auditor-2 yr term: No Candidate

Manchester Twp.
Supervisor: Donald Stalker  (R)
Auditor-6 yr term: Colleen Gombita (R)  

Mt. Pleasant Twp.
Supervisor: Francis Nebzydoski (D)
Auditor-6 yr term: David Thomas   (R)
Auditor-2 yr term: Mary DeGennaro (R)

Oregon Twp.
Supervisor: Russell LaBar  (R)
Auditor-6 yr term: A. Ann Theobald (R)

Palmyra Twp.
Supervisor: Joseph Kmetz  (R,D)   
Auditor-6 yr term: Kathryne R. Ehwald (R)
Auditor-4 yr term: Joyce Carson  (R)
Auditor-2 yr term: Gary Van Orden  (R)  

Paupack Twp.
Supervisor: Leigh Gilbert  (R)
Auditor-6 yr term: Joanne Igoe  (R)  
Auditor-4 yr term: Celia Trayes  (R)
Auditor-2 yr term: Jean Corey  (R)

Preston Twp.
Supervisor: Alan R Jones  (R)
Auditor-6 yr term: No candidate

Salem Twp.
Supervisor: Merel Jim Swingle (R,D)
Auditor-6 yr term: Beverly M Yedinak (R)

Scott Twp.
Supervisor: Erban C Travis  (R)
Auditor-6 yr term: Edwin E Allen, Jr. (R)

So. Canaan Twp.
Supervisor: Walter N Howell (R)
Auditor-6 yr term: Cindy Lazorack (R)  
Auditor-4 yr term: No Candidate
Auditor-2 yr term: Paula Adolfson (R)

Sterling Twp.
Supervisor: Melvin Wheeler (R)
Auditor-6 yr term: No Candidate

School Boards

Wayne Highlands School Directors       

Region # 1 (Buckingham-Damascus 1 & 2-Manchester-Preston-Scott)  Vote for One
Lothar Holbert  (R,D)  

Region # 2 (Bethany-Dyberry-Honesdale 1, 2, 3-Lebanon) Vote for not more than Three  
Robert F. Diehl, Jr. (R,D)  
Kim Eldred  (R,D)  
George R. Korb  (R,D)  

Region # 3 (Berlin 1 & 2-Cherry Ridge-Oregon-Prompton-Texas 1 & 2) Vote for One
Thomas R. Dirlam (R,D)  

Western Wayne School Directors

Region # 1 (Canaan-Clinton # 1-Waymart) Vote for One
Timothy Boots  (R,D)  

Region # 2 (Lake-South Canaan)  Vote for not more than Two
William J. Gershey (R,D)  
David Lindow  (R)  
Michael Brundage (D)

Region # 3 (Salem-Sterling) Vote for not more than Two
Alvin Hollister  (R,D)  
Doris J Pliss  (R,D)  

Forest City Regional School Directors

Region # 5 Mount Pleasant # 2 & 3: Jeffrey B Zukosky (R) 
Region # 6 Mount Pleasant # 1: Henry J Nebzydoski (R,D)

Wallenpaupack Area School Directors

4 year term (Dreher-Hawley-Palmyra-Paupack-Texas # 3) Vote for not more than 5
Gary Beilman  (R,D)
John F. Spall  (R,D)
John Drake  (R,D)
Robert Schwartz (R,D)
Michael Spencer (R,D)

2 year term-Vote for One
Lisa Smith  (R,D)

North Pocono School Directors (Lehigh Twp) Vote for not more than 3
Diane Croom  (R,D)
Angela Cobb  (R,D)
Marjorie E. Haines (R,D)

Susquehanna Community School Directors (Starrucca Borough)  Vote for not more than 2
Evelyn A. Cottrell (R,D)
Steven M. Stanford (R,D)