Running from the cops is never a good idea.

Running from the cops is never a good idea.

A 23 year-old Hawley man learned that the hard way when he ended up being tasered after a high speed chase that led state police all the way from Hawley to Mount Cobb via The Escape development and I-84.

According to the police report filed by Honesdale PSP Trooper Winnberg,Richard Chicoski was turning from Route 6 onto Route 590 in a green sedan with missing registration lights. When he approached the rear of the sedan in his patrol car to try to read the license plate, the sedan sped away from him, crossing both the center line and the fog line many times.

Winnberg reports that he then turned on his siren and lights, but the sedan sped up even more headed west on Rt. 590. the trooper continued to pursue the sedan to Everly Rd., Finn Swamp Rd., Ledgedale Rd., multiple roads in The Escape, Route 191 south, I-84 west and SR 348 (Mt. Cobb Rd.) at speeds ranging from 60 Mph to 110 on the interstate.

During the chase, Winnberg reports the sedan drove through multiple stop signs, passed a number vehicles on the left side and traveled often into the oncoming traffic lane on blind curves as well as on straight-aways, forcing other cars onto the shoulder of the road.

By the time Chicoski reached the intersection of SR. 348 and Pump House Rd., other troopers were waiting with stop sticks. Chicoski drove over the sticks, puncturing both his front tires.

He drove another quarter of a mile before the tires fully deflated, when he jumped from the moving car as it was in the oncoming travel lane.

Chicoski continued to flee on foot through a nearby back yard with Winnberg still in pursuit, and was stopped by the trooper’s taser while running through a swampy area. Only then was he taken into custody.

He was arraigned before District Justice Jane Farrell on charges of fleeing and eluding a police officer, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest before being remanded to the Wayne County Correctional Facility on $25,000 bail.

Troopers from the Blooming Grove state police barracks assisted in the pursuit, as did officers from the Hawley Police Department.


In an unrelated story, Honesdale PSP trooper Tracy Coutts reports a telephone scam — possibly targeting senior citizens.

On Aug. 15 at about 5 p.m., a resident of Noble Road received a call from someone claiming to represent the Experian Credit company. The caller had the person’s credit card number, balance and the last payment made and was requesting verification of the expiration date on the card to enroll them in an “interest reduction program.”

The expiration date is the only piece of information needed for the caller to use the card. Coutts reports the caller was attempting to scam $3,000 from his victim.

Please remember, says the report; do not give any personal information or credit information over the phone. If you are suspicious of the call, hang up, then either call the bank or call the same number back.

Also do not trust any telephone number given to you by a suspicious caller.

If you have received such a call, or a similar one, report it to the Attorney General’s office at Once there, follow the prompts for complaints and then consumer complaint forms.