When it comes to helping kids, Amy Dunn is all-in.

When it comes to helping kids, Amy Dunn is all-in.

Owner of The Mountain Quilt Works on Route 652, Honesdale, her business is a drop-off site for homemade pillowcases for the ConKerr Cancer Campaign.

Q. What is ConKerr Cancer?
A. “Cindy Kerr of Philadelphia started the Conkerr Cancer campaign in 2002 when she began making colorful pillowcases for her son Ryan who was in the hospital undergoing cancer treatment. The pillowcases became so loved by Ryan that Cindy and friends began making them for other sick  children,” Dunn explained. 

Q. When did you get onboard?
A. “March of 2009,” she said.

Q. What spurred you to join?
A. “A fellow quilter, Sue Graziadio and I had heard about the project and decided to ask our local quilt group, Trackside Quilters, if they would like to make some pillowcases.”

Q. What did they say?
“Yes. And our first 100 or so pillow cases, we thought was great. And since then, we took on the project of sending the pillowcases. I am a local drop off for pillowcases at the shop. We are currently at 1,450” pillowcases, she said.

Q. Will you keep going?
A. “I’ll keep going. As long as people bring in pillowcases and there’s a need for them for sick children,” Dunn says she’s not quitting.
Dunn says they usually send out 25 pillowcases at a time.

Q. Where do you send them to?
A. “Conkerr Cancer in Wayne, Pa.,” she said.

Q. Is there a particular size or design for the pillowcases?
A. There’s a particular pattern that comes in their brochure for making a standard-size pillowcase. The more colorful the better,” she said.

Q. What other projects are you involved in?
A. “Pillowcases for Good Shepherd at Wayne Memorial. Walker bags for all the patients at the Good Shepherd Unit Wayne Memorial,” Dunn said.
 For more information, call The Mountain Quiltworks at 570-253-9510 or stop by The Mountain Quiltworks, Grandma’s Lane, Route 652, Beach Lake.