A day late and a dollar short.

That’s what Steven Putzi, the owner of the former DSFI building says about a plan to develop his property.

 A day late and a dollar short.

That’s what Steven Putzi, the owner of the former DSFI building says about a plan to develop his property.

Where once he was willing to entertain alternative plans for his site, Putzi says that is no longer feasible, and wants to put an end to what he says is a campaign to force him to sell a property he doesn’t want to sell.

In recent weeks, behind-the-scenes wrangling over the property has made headlines as Borough Council held a conditional use hearing for a CVS on the site which led to another development group going public with their own designs; designs they say Putzi asked for.

Putzi says the issue isn’t quite that simple, and where once he didn’t want to talk to the media about it, now he wants his position known.

Citing a recent TWI article about the competing plans, Putzi said “Respectfully, I do consider to members of the development team to be gentlemen... However, at this stage it is clear that their desire or passion to redevelop my site has come in the way of basic respect. A reference was made in the article that I have placed my own interests ahead of what’s good for the community.”

The truth, he says, is contrary to that.

Putzi says he was approached about an alternative plan well after he already had a deal in place with CVS, but in the interest of exploring ways to make the two plans fit together, he agreed to meet with the group.

With Borough officials in attendance, Putzi says the potential deal was fully explored, and he offered the group a “generous” ground lease on the remaining property not already under contract, but the group wasn’t interested in that. He says they insisted on buying the property outright, something he was never interested in.

Final terms were never reached or agreed upon, Putzi said, so he had his attorney put a formal end to negotiations in a letter.

Since then, he says the pressure to continue considering the alternative plan has gotten out of hand; and all for an idea he says simply won’t work.

“How many times have the citizens of Honesdale been sold un-executed hype and pretty pictures in the past, only to have been issued a certificate of hope?” He asks.  

“The current real plan in place starts with CVS/Zaremba.” (Zaremba Group is the development company that will build the CVS if approved by Borough Council.)

“I feel privileged to work with them. I praise their honesty, integrity and their straightforward methods. I always know exactly how they plan to proceed, where the money comes from, who the principals are and what the steps are to completion of construction. They represent the real deal. No deviations, no pretty pictures or certificates of hope; just the nuts and bolts. They were here first... and they deserve my full support.”

I’m just trying to make a living.” Putzi continued, “I find it troubling to witness others trying to force me to sell my property to a group with which I have no contract. This is America, and I have the right to make a living off my own property.”