This past week at the Wallenpaupack Bowling Center, AHA Enterprises closed out a sensational season by winning another Wayne Commercial League title. This is the second time in the past three years AHA has copped the crown.

On Friday night at the Wallenpaupack Bowling Center, AHA Enterprises put the finishing touches on a grueing 34-week season by winning its second Wayne Commercial League title of the past three years.

This victory was due in large part to superb bowling from all of AHA’s team members. However, during the roll-off, two bowlers shined brighter than the others.

Scott Bates has been bowling phenomenally all year. There really is no other way of putting it.

During the roll-off, Bates exemplified what the entire season had been about: high scores and consistency.

Bates rolled a perfect, 300 game during the first game. Ironically, he had done the same thing a few weeks earlier during the roll-off for the Wayne Major League.

For the night, Bates would finish with a monumental 845 series — his highest to date.

Also rising to the occasion was Chris Wurtz. Wurtz rolled a 780 series on the night — missing the cherished 800-mark by a painstaking 20 pins.

It was a bittersweet victory for Art Hinkel and Chris Wurtz, however — both of whom are expected to move to the Tuesday Scratch League next season.

Wurtz did point out to TWI Sports however, the irony of the championship this season.

“I won my first year and my last year,” said Wurtz a few minutes after his team clinched.

No one was happier than team captain Ron Holewka...a man who enjoys winning almost more than life itself.

“The trophy is back where it belongs,” said Holewka proudly, “Now I have [a trophy] for each side of my mantel.”

He specially requested that all the team members and substitutes were made mention of in this piece. AHA consisted of a solid core of men including Ron Holewka, Matt Tardona, Art Hinkel, Scott Bates and Chris Wurtz.

When one or more of these men were unavailable, one of the following substitutes were called on: Michael Markis, John Bachetti, Rich Matthews, or Jim Kennedy.

The Brian Hafler Memorial Scholarship League had its first week of competition this past Wednesday evening.

Space allows for more teams and individuals, so interested parties should stop by Paupack Lanes and sign up.