You know, sometimes I wonder what the W.W.II (Greatest Generation) must think of the rest of us.

 You know, sometimes I wonder what the W.W.II (Greatest Generation) must think of the rest of us.
 I mean they had their day, December 7th, 1941, “...a day that will live in infamy....” While all of us, have our, 9/11. Which I always think of as September 11th, 2001, a bright, sunny tuesday morning in early fall. It was a bright, sunny day when the second world war came to our shores too.
 Both days caused more heartache, headache, and anger than any other this country has ever squeezed down into a few hours, on a single day. Both days havoc were brought to us by air. Both destroyed our metal and stone and flesh indiscriminately, on a scale just slightly beyond comprehension.
 With each passing week, those folks who “...remember where they were...” that clear morning two generations ago are dying at a rate equal to everyone  killed on Both  those terrible days! Soon enough they won’t remember anything, anymore.
 But they will be remembered by us, their children and grandchildren. They’ll be remembered by generations to come..., least as long as there is an America?
 It took the better part of two generations (!) before “...a grateful nation...” finally built a memorial to their heroic service in that last world war. Isn’t it strange it took them (and us, their children and grandchildren) that long to “officially” recognize their service and sacrifices, with a monument on our national mall!?
 Speaking of their children, (my own spoiled generation) whom they raised after that terrible (righteous) war? We managed to build a monument few scant years after the Vietnam war ended. ‘Course that “Wall” down in Washington is certainly well deserved!
 But still, I find it curious (slightly embarrassing, even?) that it took us so long to get their W.W.II memorial done? I lay it off to the modesty of that generation of people who, having grown up mired in a depression (not merely a recession!).  That generation for whom having to “make do” throughout life was the norm. One for whom defending their homeland “at all costs”  was never open to discussion.
 It’s been nearly a decade since that (biggest) attack finally jump-started our most recent “world war”. This one which we’ve come to refer to (at least by our government) as the “war on terror”.
 I’m not sure what I’d call it? Nor am I sure what the rest of the world really calls it? Except when they’re “standing shoulder to shoulder” with us (our politicians anyway) during media photo ops?
 But I’ve got a pretty fair idea what most of my fellow citizens think of it. I believe most Americans see it as another war of compromise. Another war gone “off the tracks” which has completely lost it’s direction. One with no end in sight!
 In large part because we’d rather “make nice” each time we kill a few of our enemies.
 For the past generation or so we’ve lost sight of the goal of our wars...? Which is to fight only to protect ourselves, WIN and come home! Our enemies are fully aware of our (apparent) inability to wage war to win in these modern days of..., “Tolerance” and “nation building”!!
 Another sign of this? Some recent developments down there in NYC. Real estate development that is!
 The "muslim community" (you know, the good  one) that “majority” (?) made up of nonviolent, pious, peaceful (pacifist even?) religious folk??
 They’re fixin to build another mosque. Thirteen stories, $100+ million dollars! Dedicated to “...promoting peaceful understanding...” of their (much maligned) religion.
 They figure it’ll help us understand ‘em better?! Together we’ll all grow old and..., Tolerant?
 They’re gonna build it next to Ground Zero!!
I Don’t Know About You..., I don’t think they get it. Neither do you..., If you don’t contact EVERY Politician and Editor you can!
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