Sometimes (most of the time?) I’m left wondering..., What is he thinking?! Speaking of the president (like you didn’t know!).

Sometimes (most of the time?) I’m left wondering..., What is he thinking?! Speaking of the president (like you didn’t know!).
 Even though I came out against him during the election. Now that he’s our president, when he speaks (like you?) I pay attention. Occasionally I even read (a little) of what other folks have to say about him (and his policies).
 You probly recall, during the elections I even (grudgingly) admitted he most certainly seemed “...intelligent and eloquent...”. Said it on more than one occasion too. Since then I’ve figured out what I had surmised all along? Being “Intelligent” does not necessarily make one “Smart”.
 During this past year or so (right from day one) we’ve all watched and listened (some?) as he squandered this entire first year of his presidency, pursuing a Brand New Health Plan! A “Great Big One” that was (as we were all told over and over) going to ultimately include near ‘bout everyone! Yep! You..., all your cousins, most all your neighbors, their friends and darn near everybodys in-laws!
 Plus! (now get this) Plus! It was going to lower the costs  of health care, to boot!! WOW! Whoopee! Git the ticker tape ready to scatter up and down ole Broadway an’ every Main Street everywhere!
 But it never came to pass.
 Somehow, in ways that you and I will never understand. Somehow, despite his comfortable majority in the house and that smolderin’ sixty (60!) vote senate majority! Somehow, with all the “Talk” from him, And from them. It was just never enough to, “Git her done!” Gee-Whiz! Why Not? What happened?
 I shudder at the thought, but actually believe it just mighta gotten done. IF,  he and his “majority” helpers in congress had not spent the entire year, trying to convince their fellow legislators (not to mention the rest of us!) that this could all get done..., AND Save Money!?!  Curiously, even some of the (brighter) democrats ostensibly supporting “The Plan” couldn’t make the numbers add up!
 In actuality, it’s no wonder that (new?) math wouldn’t cooperate. Most any fifth grader can do arithmetic (I think?) and would fairly quickly come to the same conclusions. There is absolutely no way one can “add in” 35-40 million of anything (in this case, people) and have ones final tally (costs) come out lower!! 
 At the culmination of this yearlong legislative slog? I’m left actually believin’ the president (and his closest advisors) aren’t nearly as smart as they thought they were (and I’d reluctantly given ‘em credit for during the elections).
 Down there in Ditzy City (Wash. D.C.) he and his gang of helpers have done the unthinkable. They spent darn near all their “political capital” (and goodwill from you and me) on a tremendous bid for a great big agenda of One Thing..., And Lost!!
 We won’t even get into how amazing that was! I mean, to start the year so high everyone was scared to see ‘em fall. Then to turn their popularity (and majorities) into a joke based on one (well ok, a couple) state level elections!?! In politics (anywhere?) that’s pretty fair proof one (“The One?”) is not as smart as one thinks (thought?).
 If I was wearin’ his boots? I believe I’da taken a long walk (or several) thinking about how poorly I’d done. After properly chastising myself, I might have come back to the “folks back home” with a couple brand new ideas! Maybe something to help out in the jobs area. Maybe some new idea for getting us out of two wars (without startin’ a third one!). But that’s just me.
 I’m hearing the president is about to attempt to pass..., a New Health Care Plan!
 I Don’t Know About You..., Could you tell me, does that make him smart? (or a fifth grader?).
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