The general election is just around the corner on Tuesday, featuring a handful of hotly contested seats. Polls open at 7 a.m. (Candidates and poll places listed here). 

The general election is just around the corner on Tuesday, featuring a handful of hotly contested seats. Polls open at 7 a.m. (Candidates and poll places listed below).
Turnout is expected to be around 40 percent, said Cindy Furman, director of the county Bureau of Elections.
Most seats are uncontested meaning the candidates on the ballot will win unless someone mounts an unlikely write-in campaign. However, there are a quite a few seats up for grabs.
The highlights: six candidates are vying for four positions on Honesdale Borough council.
In Hawley, Republican Mayor Ann Morgan is pitted against challenger David Hawk, a Democrat.
Also, two candidates are vying for a prominent county judicial post, that of magisterial district judge.
Republican Ted Mikulak squares off against Democrat Warren Schloesser for the magistrate post which has jurisdiction over Bethany, Honesdale, Berlin, Cherry Ridge, Dyberry, and Texas township.
Only voters in that area may vote for the candidate.
Of county-wide interest, the sheriff’s race will square off two major party candidates seeking the post that was vacated after the passing of former sheriff Charles Morelli last March.
Acting Sheriff Mark Steelman, who has temporarily filled the sheriff’s position, will face upstart candidate Michael O’Day, a Democrat and retired Pennsylvania State Trooper.
Question and answer interviews with some of the candidates were printed in Saturday's edition, October 31.
Polls close at 8 p.m. Of note, two polling locations have changed, in Bethany Borough and Canaan Township. Please refer to the polling list.
Preliminary results will be posted on The Wayne Independent’s website on the night of the election,, along with Wednesday’s print edition and a full report in Thursday’s paper.
In addition to local races, there are state-wide judicial races including that of superior court.

Registration Statistics for Wayne County
*as of May 7, 2009.

Democrat - 10512
Republican - 16861
Libertarian - 121
Green - 106
Other - 3970

Wayne County List of Candidates - Nov. 3 General Election

*list provided by the Wayne County Bureau of Elections
-D= Democrat / R= Republican / RD=Cross-filed as both parties

-listed town is candidate’s mailing address; mailing addresses, however, are often different than actual address.
-an “asterisk” signifies that the seat is contested

Jury Commissioners
*Patricia Biondo-D, Prompton
*Judy Romich-R, Honesdale

*Michael O’Day-D, Honesdale
*Mark Steelman-R, Honesdale

Magisterial District Judge
• District # 22-3-01
Bonnie L. Carney-RD, Lake Ariel

• District # 22-3-02
*Ted Mikulak-R, Honesdale
*Warren Schloesser-D, Honesdale

• District # 22-3-04
Ronald J. Edwards-RD, Beach Lake

School Directors
• Wayne Highlands
Thomas Fasshauer-RD, Region 1, Beach Lake
John K. Lowe-RD, Region 1, Beach Lake
Kathleen Grandjean-RD, Region 3 Honesdale
Heather Stephens-R, Region 3, Honesdale

• Western Wayne
Donald H. McDonough-RD, Region 1, Waymart
Jim Salak-RD, Region 1, Waymart
Frank Ward-RD, Region 2, Lake Ariel
Donald E. Olsommer, Jr.-R, Region 3, Moscow

• Forest City Regional
*Rita Lowry-D, Region 1, Browndale
*Linda Zefran-R, Region 1, Browndale   

Berlin Township
Paul D. Henry-RD, Supervisor, Beach Lake
*Scott Taninies-D, Supervisor, Beach Lake
*Catherine Hunt-R, Supervisor, Honesdale
Peggy Lohmann-RD, Tax Collector, Honesdale
Clayton Crum-R, Judge of Elections, Beach Lake
Elizabeth C. Dennis-R, Insp. of Elections, Beach Lake
Colleen Steelman-R, Insp. Of Elections, Honesdale

Bethany Borough
Ruth Bairstow-R, Council, Bethany
John Harvey-R, Council, Bethany
Michael Bonham-R, Council, Bethany
Margaret Freeman-R, Mayor, Bethany
John Zielinski-R, Tax Collector, Bethany
Bob Longenecker-R, Judge of Elections, Bethany

Buckingham Township
Kris H. Karcher-R, Supervisor, Starlight
*Patricia A. Kellam (Allen) - D, Tax Collector, Starlight
*Michelle B. Geer-R, Tax Collector, Lake Como   
Carl Strickland-R, Constable, Equinunk
Mary M. Reyes-D, Judge of Elections, Preston Park
Adeline Heesh-D, Inspector of Elections, Lake Como

Canaan Township
Elizabeth Lombardi-R, Auditor, Waymart
Carol K. Zawislak-R, Auditor, Waymart
Chester M. O’Connell-R, Supervisor, Waymart
Linda S. Davis-R, Tax Collector, Waymart
Louis C. Tammaro-R, Constable, Waymart
Janet K. Houman-R, Judge of Elections, Waymart   
Gloria Gebert-R, Inspector of Elections, Waymart

Cherry Ridge Township
Larisa Rickard-R, Auditor, Honesdale
John W. Rickard Jr.-R, Supervisor, Honesdale
Edward J. Coar-R, Tax Collector, Honesdale
Mary Jane Burke-D, Judge of Elections, Honesdale
Rebecca M. Burke-D, Inspector of Elections, Honesdale
Kimberly Daniels-R, Inspector of Elections, Honesdale   

Clinton Township
James Wilkinson-R, Auditor, Prompton
Ronald Poska-R, Supervisor, Forest City
*Daniel J. Fitzsimmons-D, Tax Collector, Browndale
*Marianne L. Thorpe-R, Tax Collector, Waymart
Donald G. Shaffer Jr.-R, Constable, Waymart
Leona Nolan-R, Judge of Elections, Prompton
Christina L. Salak-D, Inspector of Elections, Waymart   
Betty E. Guarino-R, Inspector of Elections, Prompton
Beverly J. Fitzsimmons-D, Inspector of Elections, Browndale
Eleanor A. Richards-R, Inspector of Elections, Browndale

Damascus Township
*Jeffrey R. Dexter-D, Supervisor, Beach Lake
*William J. Gager-R, Supervisor, Damascus
Joseph Canfield-RD, Supervisor, Damascus
Barbara VanOrden-RD, Tax Collector, Milanville
William Troop-R, Constable, Beach Lake
Melissa M. Rutledge-R, Judge of Elections, Tyler Hill
Alberta Swendsen-R, Judge of Elections, Milanville
Esther Fuller-D, Inspector of Elections, Damascus   
Angela M. Davis-D, Inspector of Elections, Milanville
Theresa Henderson-R, Inspector of Elections, Milanville

Dreher Township
Jocelyn M. Stackhouse-R, Auditor, Newfoundland
James C. Lee-D, Supervisor, Newfoundland
Kathy Young-RD, Tax Collector, Newfoundland
Donald S. Smith-R, Constable, Newfoundland
Donna B. Lee-D, Inspector of Elections, Newfoundland   
Judy Spewak-R, Inspector of Elections, Newfoundland

Dyberry Township
Susan R. Mignerey-R, Auditor, Honesdale
Bruce A. Varcoe-RD, Supervisor, Honesdale
Joan M. Donofry-R, Tax Collector, Honesdale
John Vanderwell-R, Constable, Honesdale
Althea J. Poltanis-R, Judge of Elections, Honesdale
Polly W. Firmstone-R, Inspector of Elections, Bethany

Hawley Borough
Donald Kyzer-RD, Council, Hawley
Delores Sabatino-RD, Council, Hawley
Mary Sanders-RD, Council, Hawley
William H. Reid-RD, Council, Hawley
*David Hawk-D, Mayor, Hawley
*Ann R. Morgan-R, Mayor, Hawley
Barbara S. Middaugh-RD, Tax Collector, Hawley
Lisa Martin-D, Inspector of Elections, Hawley   

Honesdale Borough
*James Leo Brennan Jr.-D, Council, Honesdale
*Margie Rickard-D, Council, Honedale
*Janine Edwards-R, Council, Honesdale
*Thomas K. Frisk-R, Council, Honesdale
*Lee Garing-RD, Council, Honesdale
*Bob Jennings-R, Council, Honesdale
Jonathan Fritz-RD, Mayor, Honesdale
Coleen Tuman-RD, Tax Collector, Honesdale
*Harry A. DeVrieze-D, Constable, Honesdale
*Kevin R. Breidenstein-R, Constable, Honesdale
Debra O’Neill-D, Judge of Elections, Honesdale
Lois Jean Pfund-R, Judge of Elections, Honesdale
Joseph Podrasky-D, Judge of Elections, Honesdale
Jean Bidwell-D, Inspector of Elections, Honesdale
Patricia G. Weniger-D, Inspector of Elections, Honesdale
Marilyn B. McElroy-R, Inspector of Elections, Honesdale
Jean Meagher-D, Inspector of Elections, Honesdale

Lake Township
Gerald F. Getz-R, Auditor, Lake Ariel
Fredric A. Birmelin-RD, Supervisor, Lake Ariel                              
Sharon Birmelin-RD, Tax Collector, Lake Ariel
Joseph P. Cremona-RD, Constable, Lake Ariel
Elizabeth W. Davis-R, Judge of Elections, Lake Ariel
Joan M. Belles-D, Inspector of Elections, Lake Ariel
Anita F. Cook-R, Inspector of Elections, Lake Ariel

Lebanon Township
John S. Beardsley-R, Supervisor, Honesdale
Robert A. Muller-R, Tax Collector, Pleasant Mount
Jeffrey W. Sporer Sr.-R, Constable, Honesdale
Jay L. Vail-R, Judge of Elections, Honesdale
Lynita Vail-R, Inspector of Elections, Honesdale

Lehigh Township
Amanda S. Proch-D, Auditor, Gouldsboro
*David J. Boruta-D, Supervisor, Gouldsboro
*Glen Martin-R, Supervisor, Gouldsboro
Eileen Kohn-RD, Tax Collector, Gouldsboro
Edward Geisler-R, Constable, Gouldsboro   
Kristen D. Cunningham-RD, Judge of Elections, Gouldsboro
Deborah A. Cuccherini-D, Inspector of Elections, Gouldsboro
Barbara Phillips-R, Inspector of Elections, Gouldsboro

Manchester Township
Steven E. Macey-RD, Supervisor, Equinunk
Beverly A. Gill-RD, Tax Collector, Equinunk
Mark L. Kellam-R, Constable, Equinunk
Alton Adams-R, Judge of Elections, Equinunk   
Lois M. Young-D, Inspector of Elections, Equinunk
Linda S.Kraft-R, Inspector of Elections, Damascus

Mount Pleasant Township
Patrick M. Flynn-R, Auditor, Honesdale
David G. Thomas-R, Auditor, Honesdale
Philip E. Eltz-R, Supervisor, Pleasant Mount
Clara Keast-R, Tax Collector, Waymart
Clyde Eltz-R, Constable, Pleasant Mount
Gomer Perham-R, Judge of Elections, Pleasant Mount
Christina M. Albright-D, Inspector of Elections, Honesdale
Kathryn R. Dix-R, Inspector of Elections, Pleasant Mount

Oregon Township
Arline G. LaTourette-R, Auditor, Honesdale
Marie Bryant-R, Tax Collector, Honesdale
Bonnie LaTourette-R, Judge of Elections, Honesdale
Betty M. Hartman-D, Inspector of Elections, Honesdale
Debra K. Skinner-R, Inspector of Elections, Honesdale

Palmyra Township
Jamie Mason-Clark-R, Auditor, Hawley
William Hamby-RD, Supervisor, Hawley
Joanne Kmetz-RD, Tax Collector, Hawley
Rosemarie Meditz-D, Inspector of Elections, Hawley
Joann Mason-R, Inspector of Elections, Hawley

Paupack Township
Ruth Herman-R, Auditor, Hawley
Thomas L. Oakley-RD, Supervisor, Lakeville
Florence Peoples-RD, Tax Collector, Hawley
John Barnett-RD, Constable, Hawley
Maryann Vaccaro-D, Inspector of Elections, Lake Ariel

Preston Township
Ruby Hagenmeier-R, Auditor, Lakewood
Robert C. Sienko-RD, Supervisor, Preston Park
Ruth A. Wenk-R, Tax Collector, Lakewood
Kenneth W. Arnott-R, Constable, Lakewood
Duane Giles-R, Judge of Elections, Poyntelle
Alice M. Sampson-R, Inspector of Elections, Pleasant Mount

Prompton Borough
Margaret M. Magalski-R, Auditor, Prompton
Jimmie Ann Fries-R, Auditor, Prompton
Daniel Biondo-D, Council, Prompton
Dennis Millon-D, Council, Prompton
Dale Odell-R, Council, Prompton
Stacy L. Heberling-R, Mayor, Prompton
Sheila J. Collins-R, Tax Collector, Prompton
Richard Murphy-R, Constable, Prompton
Sharon Fries-D, Judge of Elections, Prompton
Cheryl L. Guinther-D, Inspector of Elections, Prompton
Donna M. Heberling-R, Inspector of Elections, Prompton

Salem Township
Eleanor Compton-R, Auditor, Hamlin
Robert Wittenbrader Jr.-R, Supervisor, Lake Ariel
Marlene Yedinak-RD, Tax Collector, Moscow
Norman “Rocky” Kizer-D, Constable, Lake Ariel

Scott Township
Alice E. Georger-R, Auditor, Susquehanna
Edwin E. Allen Jr.-R, Auditor, Starrucca
Harold R. Welch-R, Supervisor, Starrucca
Laura Travis-R, Tax Collector, Starrucca
Suzanne E. Tuttle-R, Judge of Elections, Starlight   
Harold Stafford-D, Inspector of Elections, Preston Park
Natasha J. Tuttle-R, Inspector of Elections, Starlight

South Canaan Township
*Thomas Liptak-D, Supervisor, Waymart
*Frank Lamberton Jr.-R, Supervisor, Waymart
Paula J. Herzog-D, Tax Collector, Waymart
Harry Shaffer-R, Constable, Lake Ariel
Lois S. Miller-R, Judge of Elections, Waymart   
Judy Frey-D, Inspector of Elections, Waymart   
Scott S. Ferris-R, Inspector of Elections, Lake Ariel

Starrucca Borough
Donald Haynes Jr.-R, Council, Starrucca
Fredrick R. Rhone-R, Council, Starrucca
Kirk O. Rhone-R, Council, Starrucca
Peter S. Frank-D, Council, Starrucca   
Mary Ann DeBalko-R, Mayor, Starrucca
Tracy Fisher-D, Tax Collector, Starrucca
Frank J. Mroczka-R, Judge of Elections, Starrucca
Ruth C. Mroczka-R, Inspector of Elections, Starrucca

Sterling Township
Andrew Juhasz-R, Auditor, Moscow
*Joseph Stezar-D, Supervisor, Sterling
*Tim Tuite-R, Supervisor, Sterling
Cindy Ziegler-Hefty    -R, Tax Collector, Newfoundland
Barbara Amorine-D, Judge of Elections, Moscow
Kristin M. Curtis-D, Inspector of Elections, Newfoundland

Texas Township
John “Jack” McDonald-RD, Supervisor, Honesdale
Tanya Gibbons-R, Tax Collector, Honesdale
Eva G.Crocker-R, Judge of Elections, Honesdale
Susan Martone-D, Judge of Elections, Honesdale
Elizabeth LaTournous-R, Judge of Elections, Hawley
Debbie Swendsen-D, Inspector of Elections, Honesdale   
Arlene Seig-R, Inspector of Elections, Honesdale
Jeanette Gardas-D, Inspector of Elections, Honesdale
Gertrude M. Johnson-R, Inspector of Elections, Honesdale
Arlene Munger-D, Inspector of Elections, White Mills
Nancy A. Haggarty-R, Inspector of Elections, Honesdale

Waymart Borough
Eston R. Brooks-R, Council, Waymart
Lilian F. Rollison-R, Council, Waymart
Jane M. Varcoe-R, Council, Waymart   
Karl Williams-R, Council, Waymart
John T. Millard-R, Mayor, Waymart
Karen H. Robinson-R, Tax Collector, Waymart
Christine Pierson Bond-D, Judge of Elections, Waymart
Karen L. McElroy-D, Inspector of Elections, Waymart
Sally Brooks-R, Inspector of Elections, Waymart

Wayne County Polling Places - Nov. 3 General Election
*list provided by the Wayne County Bureau of Elections

Berlin Twp # 1 - Beach Lake Fire Hall - 1033 Beach Lake Hwy.
Berlin Twp # 2 - Human Resource Ctr - 294 Bethel School Rd.
Bethany Borough - Bethany United Methodist Church - 3 Court St.
Buckingham Twp - Starlight location - 1768 O&W Rd.
Canaan - Camp Ladore Auditorium - 325 Owego Tpk.
Cherry Ridge - Township Building - 2892 Lake Ariel Hwy.
Clinton Twp # 1 - Twp Bldg, Aldenville - 1799 White Oak Dr.
Clinton Twp # 2 - Browndale Comm Hall - 520 Marion St.
Damascus Twp # 1 - Unity Grange Hall, Galilee - 554 Galilee Rd.
Damascus Twp # 2 - Labor Grange Hall, Milan - 469 Calkins Rd.
Dreher     - Ambulance Bldg, Newfoundland -  441 Crestmont Dr.
Dyberry - Bethany Vlg. Asst. Lvg Fac. - 150 Noble Ln.
Hawley - Hawley Borough Building - 98 Main Ave.
Honesdale # 1 - Area Agency on Aging Bldg - 323 10th St.
Honesdale # 2 - Park Street Complex - 648 Park St.
Honesdale # 3 - Chamber of Commerce - 32 Commercial St.
Lake - Twp Bldg, Tresslarville - 1428 Easton Tpke.
Lebanon - Hickory Grange - 2599 Great Bend Tpke.
Lehigh     - Twp Building, Gouldsboro - 32 Second St.
Manchester - Twp Bldg, Equinunk - 3881 Hancock Hwy.
Mt. Pleasant - Comm Center, Pl. Mt. - 377 Great Bend Tpke.
Oregon - Enterprise Grange - 810 Torrey Rd.
Palmyra - Township Bldg, Hawley - 219 Oak St.
Paupack - Township Bldg, Lakeville - 25 Daniels Rd.
Preston - N Wayne Fire, Lakewood - 1633 Crosstown Hwy.
Prompton - Prompton Fire Co. - 638 Prompton Rd.
Salem - Twp Bldg, Hamlin - 15 Township Bldg Rd.
Scott - Community Center - 913 Fairmount Rd.
So Canaan - Twp Bldg, So. Canaan - 2238 Easton Tpke.
Starrucca - Community Center - 9 Little Ireland Rd.
Sterling - Twp Bldg, Sterling - 1066 Maple Grove Rd.
Texas # 1 - Seelyville Fire Hall - 1200 Bridge St.
Texas # 2 - Twp Building - 506 Old Willow Ave.
Texas # 3 - White Mills Fire Co. - 695 Texas Palmyra Hwy.
Waymart - American Legion Hall - 36 Water St.