My name is Orlando Marrero and I am running a Write-In Campaign for one of three seats on the Hawley Borough Council.

Write-in candidate responds
To the Editor:
My name is Orlando Marrero and I am running a Write-In Campaign for one of three seats on the Hawley Borough Council. I read a letter to your paper that was dated October 26, 2009 in which the author “deplored my very personal and negative attack” on Dee Sabitino. The author refers to an article announcing my Write –In candidacy in the October 25-27th News Eagle. I thank the author for his opinion. However, I don’t understand the outrage he feels. The only comment that could be considered negative was “I have rarely if ever seen her ask a question during the council meetings and she has never once voted no that I have seen”.
I have attended many council meetings including those concerning the Hawley Silk Mill. I have rarely if ever seen her ask any questions, and I have never once seen her vote “no”. I was especially discouraged when she didn’t speak up during the Hawley Silk Mill hearings. Other council members were not as willing to give the developers a “pass” during these meetings. Considering the importance of this project, I would have been much more vocal had I been on the council.
Anyone can check the meeting minutes and voting record to validate my claim. I stand by my words as the truth. As far as the outrage over my “negative attack”, the truth is the truth regardless of who speaks it or how distasteful it may be. I speak the truth, something the voters of Hawley appreciate. They will also appreciate a councilman who asks tough questions.
The author decries other parts of the article. He should have read the article more closely as the Oligarchy I speak of is NOT the borough council. Decisions are made in private without public input by a small group of people (the Oligarchy), which then approaches the council to have them approved and made official. There are council members who are independent of this group of people. I do not count Dee as one of them.
He continues by saying “Mr. Marrero, the Pocono’s are not the Riviera and Hawley is not Monaco” in reference to a comment made in the article. Obviously it is not, but since the analogy was lost on the author I’ll explain. The Lake Region is a beautiful waterfront vacation area and Hawley is the natural center for culture, arts, and entertainment in that area. This is what we must build on in order to secure a better future for ourselves. Northeast PA is one of the fastest growing areas in the state. Hawley can either grow with it or risk losing its chance for a brighter and better future.
Orlando Marrero, Hawley, PA.