What starts out to be rather simple can ultimately turn out to be rather fantastic...even as far as accomplishments go.

What starts out to be rather simple can ultimately turn out to be rather fantastic...even as far as accomplishments go. We have a prize package living among us in the person of Laura Travis.
As a child she wanted to be a jockey but somewhere along the line she “fell off” the horse and decided she wanted to extend her love for animals by becoming a veterinarian but that dream of becoming a "Mama Mare" extending love and care (my poetic abilities are fast deteriorating with age ) to animals never materialized. Thus she ambled about working as a farm hand, carpenter, machinist ...occupations young ladies were told they could never master being female. Along came “Buster” Karcher who convinced her she should spend her talents behind the desk of the Scott Township’s Auditor’s station. And there she is ...twenty years...I call that as consistent as her daughter, Demi, which I’ll explain later on...but which proves there are hereditary traits which effect our behavioral patterns be they virtues or vices.
At present Laura is serving as Secretary / Treasurer for: Scott Township, Buckingham Township, and Starrucca Borough, the Northern Wayne County C.O.G.(Council of Governments) representing nine townships and one borough, plus the Officials Association representing all twenty two Wayne County townships. She also serves as a consultant to the Buckingham Township Planning Commission and is the elected Tax Collector for Scott Township.
But as accomplished as her resume is, she feels the most important position she ever held was as a mother to her awesome son, Darren who is a junior at Hancock Central High School and owns his own business...at seventeen! And to Demi, her accomplished daughter, who just graduated from Preston. Unbelievable?? She really qualifies for Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not.” I taught for 35 years and only ran into such students twice in my career! Both were very difficult boys whose mothers made sure they brought their behavior to school with them rather than stay at home to torture these long suffering women. But Demi is different..she is the proof that genes take hold of people for better or for worse. In this case with a mother who consistantly served the commuity for twenty years and is still at it...I’d say for better. Demi had perfect attendance from kindergarten through the 8th grade! She received a plaque commemorating the effort ..1620 days! Sort of a Lou Gehrig record for attendance.
Laura volunteers at school especially for the backdrops for school plays, and her family has adopted five and a half miles of garbage pick up along State Route 4012 as well as several township roads in the area. With what little spare time she has, she enjoys her family, friends, gardening, crafts and her animals (horses, cats, a dog, a rabbit, chickens, ducks and crazy guinea hens ) No wonder we are only ‘telephone” neighbors..but I did have her husband, Erban, in class when I was substuiting in Preston after my retirement many long years ago. No wonder Darren is a gentleman...it’s in the genes.
Local News: Attic Treasures Sale on July 11th at the Lake Como Methodist Church starting at 9 a.m. until 12:oo noon...followed by a bag sale. There will also be a bake sale. The next pancake breakfast for the Northern Wayne Fire Company will be held on July 12th from 8:00 a.m. until 1 p.m. Remember the Preston School Reunion on August 1st. Call Bill and Lela Ellicks at (570)727-2473 or T0m and Alice Sampson at (570)448-2434 for more details.
- Rose Funke