Happy 101st birthday Ruth.

Happy 101st birthday Ruth.
Ruth Dennis, formerly of Court Street in Honesdale, now from the Wayne Delaware Manor, celebrated her 101st birthday on Tuesday, December 23, surrounded by family and friends.
Asking her secret to long life, a smiling Ruth replies, “I don’t know —through the Good Lord.”
“It’s remarkable — 101,” says John White, sharing in the singing and birthday-cake celebration. 
 “She’s just cute,” says 78-year-old Pearl Swiatkowski, Ruth’s next-door neighbor at the assisted living facility. “She’s a sweetheart. She doesn’t get cranky like old people do — like we do,” she says with a grin.
Her nieces: Roberta Wittenbrader of Hollisterville and Elizabeth Dennis of Beach Lake were only too happy to share stories about Aunt Ruth.
Roberta says her Aunt Ruth was one of five girls. Roberta’s mom, Ruth’s younger sister, Esther Holbert, will celebrate her 99th birthday on December 28.
“There’s longevity in the family,” Roberta says. Roberta’s Aunt Lucy Noble passed away just two-months shy of her 100 birthday about 10 years ago. Then there’s her Aunt Dorothy Houth of Allentown, who passed away in her 90s; and Aunt Ann Crist of Honesdale, the youngest to die, in her 60s or 70s.
Roberta says her Aunt Ruth has lived a healthy lifestyle, only eating certain things, chicken was her favorite meat. She was also very exact on mealtimes.  
Close family
Roberta says she’s close to her Aunt Ruth. “Aunt Ruth never had any children.”Growing up, Roberta remembers her Aunt Ruth and Uncle Luther (Ruth’s late husband) constantly including her on various trips and outings. Elizabeth Dennis, a niece by marriage, says Aunt Ruth and Uncle Luther were always including them in trips to the circus, the rodeo and the Ice Capades in New York.      
Ruth was also always baking cookies and cinnamon rolls. Roberta recalls “Sunday evening at Grandma’s house” when all of the cousins and family would gather.
Asked what her birthday wish for her Aunt was, Roberta said, “That she’ll stay healthy.” Elizabeth’s wish is that she’ll, “just be happy and content, which I think she is.”
Ruth lived at 807 Court Street in Honesdale for some 75 years, Roberta says. It was just in September of 2008 that she moved to the Wayne Delaware Manor.