The bailout has been accomplished.

To the Editor:
The bailout has been accomplished.  How did it come to this! It is easy to blame Bush for all of this.  Twin-Towers tragedy.  Corporation scandals like Enron, catastrophic happenings like New Orleans, record flooding, California fires, drought, Iraq and Afghanistan, the recent hurricanes, and now the breakdown of our banking system.  Bush had more than his fair share of calamities.  With all these problems, how does Congress fit into that picture?  These are the people that make the laws and with all their committees are well aware of what is happening in this country.
The salaries, bonuses and compensation packages handed out to the top brass are obscene and have nothing to do with earnings. None of these guys is worth a million and a jet. They go home with $50 - 70 million compensation. There is a word for that - corruption. I am wondering for years why Congress has never stepped in to object to that practice. It is stealing - plain and simple.  As for the mortgages, I have been wondering for some years how some people can get mortgages with little down payment and consecutive high mortgage payments. 
Now that a crisis has been averted, I don’t have to worry for my little investments.  Now is the time for all our elected senators and congressmen to re-evaluate their miss and instead of always making remarks at the administration, start correcting what went wrong.  Don’t forget that pork barrel business and start working on our deficit.
Hans Kummer, Honesdale, Pa.