PennDOT has announced its work schedule for September 27-October 3. Work is weather-dependent. As always, stay alert for work crews and vehicles, changing traffic patterns and flagging operations in work zones.

 PennDOT has announced its work schedule for September 27-October 3. Work is weather-dependent. As always, stay alert for work crews and vehicles, changing traffic patterns and flagging operations in work zones.
For interstate and non-interstate road work information, visit
To report potholes and other road problems, call 1-800-FIX ROAD. To view the comprehensive state-wide construction map, visit:
Interstate 81
*       Exits 180-178A:  Left lane restriction northbound for barrier and paving work Sunday night (9/28) through Tuesday night (9/30). Work is 8p.m.-6am. Bridge rehabilitation work is southbound with two lanes of travel. A stop sign on the ramp from Moosic controls merging traffic. Project includes construction of temporary crossovers and complete re-decking of three bridges between Exit 178A (Avoca) and Exit 180 (Moosic). northbound work constructing crossover bridges has begun between mile 174 (Exit 170B Wilkes-Barre) and mile 181 (Exit 182 Davis St. /Montage Mountain Rd.), beginning with shoulder work. Most of the initial work will be within the center median, the location of the crossover bridges. It is likely that these will not be opened until Spring 2009. The crossover bridges will provide temporary roadways to handle traffic while two Luzerne County bridges and one Lackawanna County bridge are re-decked and rehabilitated. Any lane closures will occur at night. Two lanes will be maintained in each direction.  More information will follow. Anticipated completion late summer 2009.
*       Exits 185-175A: northbound Night-time micro-surfacing through Friday morning (9/26). Work is 6p.m.-6am. Work continues Sunday night (9/28) through Thursday morning (10/2). Expect lane restrictions & delays.
*       Exit 184 (River St) Off-ramp of I-81 NB: Construction continues on the widening of the River St. off-ramp at River St. and East Mountain Rd. and the installation of a signal at the top of the ramp. Possible traffic backup on the ramp during peak times. Drivers alert: Watch for flagging and police presence through thework zone. No restrictions; work is in shoulder.
*       Exit 191A (Dickson City - Viewmont Mall): northbound & southbound re-decking of the bridge over Business Route 6. Traffic is shifted to the middle of the bridge.  The outer lanes are closed with two lanes of travel. Be alert as motorists adjust to the change in traffic patterns.
*       Overpass On-Ramp to I-81 (the bridge over Routes 6 & 11 in Clarks Summit (Lackawanna County): Work will begin in Spring 2009, and will be open to traffic inbound to Clarks Summit only.
*       Exits 191-197: northbound bridge work and road repairs continue between Exits 194 and 197; southbound work is complete between Exits 194 and 191. Involved are Exit 191(Dickson City/Scranton Expressway), Exit 194 (Clarks Summit) and Exit 197 (Waverly). Drivers’ alert: WATCH FOR SIGNS DIRECTING MOTORISTS TO USE BOTH LANES THROUGH THE MERGE POINT. MESSAGE BOARDS PROVIDE LENGTH OF TIME FOR TRAVEL THROUGH WORK ZONE. WATCH FOR STOP SIGNS ON ENTRANCE RamPS TO I-81. PENNSYLVANIA STATE POLICE WILL ENFORCE SPEED LIMITS AND PATROL FOR AGGRESSIVE DRIVERS. Work includes over 5 miles and 11 bridges. TWO LANES ARE OPEN NB, with periodic lane restrictions for completion. SINGLE LANE southbound. Included are:
*       Mile 192 over Route 442, Burcher Ave (2 bridges) southbound OPEN Friday, 9/19
*       Mile 193 over Route 1027, Layton Rd. (2 bridges) southbound OPEN Friday, 9/19
*       Mile 194 over Route 4019, Edella Rd. (2 bridges)
*       Mile 195 over Route 4028, Fairview Rd. (2 bridges)
*       Route 632 over I-81 N& S, Exit 197 (Waverly)
*       Route 1031 over I-81 N& S
*       Exit 194 (Clarks Summit) Turnpike Construction: The Clarks Summit Turnpike Toll Plaza off Exit 194 (Clarks Summit) is adding 2 lanes, one in each direction northbound & southbound. Expected completion: November 2008.  Drivers alert: Plaza will always be open but could be restricted occasionally. Only one available lane in each direction for truck traffic.
*       Exits 206-197: southbound. Saw cutting, sealing, and line painting Monday (9/29) to Wednesday (10/1) between Exit 206 (Glenwood/ Lenoxville) and Exit 197 (Waverly). Expect lane restrictions, delays 6:30am-7p.m..
*       Exits 206-211:  northbound & southbound single lane travel through the work zone. Barriers will be maintained 24/7. Work is 7am to 5p.m. and includes rehabilitation of 14 bridges and two deck replacements over 7.4 miles in Lenox Township, Susquehanna County. TRAFFIC SENSOR DETECTORS, CamERAS AND MESSAGE BOARDS AID TRAFFIC COMMUNICATION. Anticipated completion is 2009. Bridges being done this year are:
*       Mile 206.1 over Route 374 between Exit 206 (Glenwood-Lenoxville) and Exit 211 (Lenox) (2 structures). DETOUR HAS BEEN REMOVED; Road is open.
*       Mile 206 over Route 436 between Exit 206 (Glenwood-Lenoxville) and Exit 211 (Lenox) (2 structures)
*       Mile 208 over Route 2016 between Exit 206 (Glenwood-Lenoxville) and Exit 211 (Lenox) (2 structures)
*       Exits 223 (mile 220) - 217: southbound. Saw cutting & crack sealing Saturday (9/20) between Exit 223 (New Milford/Lakeside) and Exit 217 (Harford). Lane restrictions, delays 6:30am-3p.m..

Interstate 84
*       Exits 26-53: eastbound bridge preservation project between Exit 26 (Tafton/Promised Land State Park) and Exit 53 (Matamoras). Anticipated completion December 2008.  Includes:
*       Mile 32.5 over Shohola Creek between Exit 30 (Blooming Grove) and Exit 34 (Lords Valley)
Mile 34 over Route 739 at Exit 34 (Lords Valley)
*       Mile 53.0 over Route 6 at Exit 53 (Matamoras) EB Work completed December 2008.
*       Route 6 over I-84 at Exit 46 (Milford) changing traffic patterns- Anticipated completion in 2009.
*       Exits 30-34: eastbound. Patching between Exit 30 (Blooming Grove) and Exit 34 (Lords Valley/Dingmans Ferry) Monday (9/29) to Thursday (10/2), 7am-3p.m..
*       Exits 30-46: eastbound. Brush cutting Monday (9/29) to Thursday (10/2),
7am-3p.m. between Exit 30 (Blooming Grove/Porters Lake/Pecks Pond) and Exit 46
*       Exits 46-53. Pike County bridge inspection with crane is scheduled eastbound then westbound on Friday (10/3) over Route 428, Milford Township, between 9am and noon. Lane restrictions.

Interstate 380
        * Exits 20-24: northbound & southbound. Bridge rehabilitation between Exits 20 (Daleville) and 24 (Scranton/Milford).  Drivers alert: Alternating lane closures from Gouldsboro to the I-84/380 split. Work will last into November 2009. Included are:
*       Route 307 at I-380 NB & SB
*       Route 2018 at I-380 CLOSED through winter: DETOUR Routes 502 and 435
*       Route 502 Over I-380 N & S
*       Route 380
*       Mile 14 over Route 2013 between Exits 13 (Gouldsboro) & 20 (Daleville) (2 structures
*       Mile 21 over Rte 690 & Van Brunt Creek between Exits 20 (Daleville) and 22 (Moscow)
*       Mile 21.1 over Route 690 between Exit 20 (Daleville) and Exit 22 (Moscow)
*       Mile 23 over Route 2010 between Exit 22 (Moscow) and Exit 24 (Scranton/Milford)
*       Mile / Exit 24 (Scranton/Milford) NB & SB


BRIDGE WORK: Lane restrictions, delays 9am -3p.m. Route 590, over I-84: Bridge inspection Monday (9/29)

POTHOLE PATCHING/ CRACK SEALING: Lane restrictions, delays 7am-3p.m.
Route 348, Jefferson Twp: Crack sealing Tuesday (9/30)
Route 690, Madison Twp: Crack sealing Monday (9/29) to Friday (10/3)
Route 2001 (Maplewood Rd), Jefferson Twp: Crack sealing Monday (9/29)
Route 3003 (Newton Rd), Newton Twp: Crack sealing Monday (9/29) & Tuesday (9/30)
Route 3011 (Keyser Ave), Scranton: Patching Monday (9/29) & Tuesday (9/30)
Route 6006 (Scranton/Carbondale Hwy), Carbondale: Crack sealing Monday (9/29) to
Friday (10/3)
Route 6307 (Keyser Ave), Scranton: Crack sealing Wednesday (10/1) to Friday (10/3)

ROAD WORK: Lane restrictions, flagging operations 7am-3p.m.
Route 107, Greenfield Twp: Base repair patching Monday (9/29) to Friday (10/3), 6am-4p.m.
Route 4004 (Clarkson Rd), Benton Twp: Pipe replacement Monday (9/29) to Friday (10/3)
Route 4007 (Miller Rd), Abington Twp: Ditch cleaning Monday (9/29), Tuesday (9/30) &
Thursday (10/2)
Route 4036 (Falls Rd), Newton Twp: Patch pipe trench Wednesday (10/1)

CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS: Lane restrictions, delays, detours Routes 6 & 11 near Old State Rd. in Clarks Summit (Lackawanna County): Bridge and  guiderail work is underway, but road is open to 2-way traffic at all times. Work on shoulders is behind barrier. Anticipated completion is October 2008. Route 347 (Freytown Rd): The bridge over the east branch of Roaring Brook, Covington Twp. is closed for replacement. DETOUR: Route 2009 (Jubilee Rd) to Route 346 (LehighRoad) to Freytown Rd (Route 308 - Two different township roads, running in different N/S & E/W directions, sharing the same name.)
Route 407 (Abington Rd), Abington Twp:  Work has begun to replace the bridge over Ackerly Creek by the Waverly Country Club. Abington Rd will be closed from Oakford Rd. by the Glen Oak Country Club to Stevenson Rd. DETOUR: Turn off Route 407 onto Miller Road. The existing structure will be replaced with a reinforced concrete box culvert. The new structure will feature two 12-foot travel lanes, new roadway and shoulder pavement and guiderail. Project to be completed around December 2008. Route 435, Moscow Borough: Shoulder work on bridge over VanBrunt Creek. Route 442, Burcher Avenue Bridge, South Abington Twp: Bridge is closed for replacement. DETOUR is Robinson Street and Layton Rd. Anticipated completion is summer 2009.
Route 4017 (Gravel Pond Rd) at Route 307 Construction has begun on a temporary roadway on Route 307 for the replacement of the Winola Road Bridge over Falls Creek, Newton Twp. with a box culvert.
Route 6011 (Main Ave), from Greenridge St. to Oak St, Scranton: Removal and replacement of existing sidewalks and curbing with new ADA (Handicap) ramps,drainage work and traffic signs. Expect temporary parking restrictions. Signs will be posted. Estimated completion is September 2008.
Route 7302, Lackawanna Avenue Bridge, Scranton: Bridge is closed for replacement. Existing three-span concrete structure will be replaced with a three-span continuous composite steel plate girder bridge; paving, side street adjustments, temporary
railroad crossing, rock slopes, concrete curb and sidewalks, drainage and guide rail and pavement markings. DETOUR is Franklin Ave to Linden Street to North 7th Ave. Deblin, Inc., Mechanicsburg, is contractor.  Anticipated completion is December 2009.

RESTRICTIONS & CLOSURES: Detours, weight restrictions
Route 502, Moosic: Single lane with a temporary signal. Route 524 bridge over Kennedy Creek, located 0.2 mile east of Route 4007 in North Abington Township, is restricted to one lane with stop signs.
Route 438: Bridge over branch of the Tunkhannock Creek, Scott Township. Single lane, with stop sign; posted 15 tons, except combinations, 20 tons.
Route 438, Bridge over a south branch of the Tunkhannock Creek, North Abington Twp. has been posted as "Limited to One Truck" because of deterioration. Structure was built in 1934. Construction to replace the bridge has begun. Traffic will be maintained by using half-width construction design.  Anticipated completion is December 2009.
Route 3006, bridge over Gardner Creek, .5 miles east of Route 3001, Newton Twp. has been restricted to 32 tons, except combinations 40 tons and is limited to one truck. Bridge is deteriorated. There is no plan for repair. Structure was built in 1951.
Route 3009: Bridge over St. John's Creek, Old Forge, Lackawanna County, located .3 miles east of Route 3011 has been posted with a weight Limit of 13 tons, except combinations 21 tons. This structure was built in 1954 and is scheduled to be bid in March 2009 for superstructure replacement.
Route 3013 (Main Avenue) Bridge, Taylor. Posted 10-ton weight limit. Detour on Union Street for trucks over 10 tons: from the Stauffer Industrial Park to Route 3011 (Keyser Ave.) to Route 3010 (Union St.) to Route 3013.

BRIDGE WORK: Lane restrictions, delays 9am -3p.m. Route 309 (North Cross Valley Expressway), over the Susquehanna River at Plains Twp/ Wilkes-Barre City: Bridge inspection. northbound on-ramp, northbound of main bridge Tuesday (9/30), southbound off-ramp, southbound of main bridge Wednesday (10/1) Route 309 (North Cross Valley Expressway): Bridge inspection at Exit 3 (Wilkes-Barre/Plains, River St.) northbound on-ramp and southbound off-ramp at River St, Plains Tuesday (9/30) & Wednesday (10/1)
Route 11, Larksville: Bridge inspection over the railroad Thursday (10/2)

POTHOLE PATCHING, CRACK SEALING: Lane restrictions, delays 7am-3p.m.
Route 93 (Hazleton City), North and South: Monday (9/29) to Friday (10/3)
Route 239, Huntington Twp: Monday (9/29) to Friday (10/3)
Route 309, between Mt.Top and Blackman Street: Monday (9/29) to Friday (10/3)
Route 1002 (State Street), Larksville: Monday (9/29) & Tuesday (9/30)
Route 1036 (Carverton Road), Kingston Twp: Wednesday (10/1) to Friday (10/3)
Route 3006 (Pond Hill Road), Slocum Twp: Monday (9/29) to Friday (10/3)
Route 4024 (Talcott Road), Huntington Twp:  Monday (9/29) to Friday (10/3)

CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS: Lane restrictions, delays
Wilkes-Barre Downtown Lighting Project, Phase 3: Phase Three has begun on Franklin, Union and Washington streets, parallel to Main St., north and south of Public Square. Preliminary utility work will be followed by drilling, with impact only to parking spaces and sidewalks, not active travel lanes. Work is Monday through Friday 7am to 5p.m.. Work continues through summer 2009.
Sutton Creek Road: County has begun repairs on the retaining wall with a detour onto a state road for 2 months.

Route 93, Conyngham Borough / Sugarloaf Twp: Final paving could occur on the mainline as early as Wednesday (10/1) or as late as Monday (10/6). More specific updates forthcoming. Paving operation is expected to last 5 days. DRIVERS SHOULD EXPECT MAJOR CONGESTION, ESPECIALLY OFF THE SIDE ROADS AND FROM BUSINESS ENTRANCES 6:30 am TO 6:30 p.m.. RESIDENTS WILL KNOW WHICH ALTERNATE ROUTES TO TAKE.

Route 309, North Cross Valley Expressway:
*       Exits 3-2: southbound Right lane restriction Monday night (9/29) between Exit 2 (Wilkes-Barre City) and Exit 3 (Wilkes-Barre/Plains) to remove barrier. Barrier will be placed Tuesday night (9/30) with a left lane restriction. Work is 8p.m. to 6am.
*       Exits 4-6: northbound & southbound work has begun on the bridge preservation project on the Kingston side of the river, west of Route 11, between Exit 4 (Kingston/Forty Fort.) and Exit 6 (Luzerne). ONE LANE IS CLOSED IN EACH DIRECTION for construction, but the remaining driving lane and the ramp lane have become through-lanes. Traffic leading onto the expressway is controlled by stop signs to enable the merge. Work is through summer 2009.  Effort will be made to keep work out of peak daytime hours: Opposite sides will start and end earlier to accommodate peak traffic patterns.
Work begins southbound at 9am and will be northbound until 3p.m.. NO APPRECIABLE DELAY OUTSIDE OF WHAT IS NORMALLY EXPERIENCED ON THIS ROUTE. At some point during the project, there will be single lane restrictions with advance notice. Work will move to the underside of the bridge during winter and the barriers will be removed. Barriers will be restored in Spring 2009 and will remain in place as deck and surface construction continues.

Route 315 bridge over the railroad near Pittston Avenue Intersection: Bridge parapet replacement continues. southbound right lane will be closed on Monday (9/29) &Tuesday (9/30). EXPECT DELAYS. Work is 7am to 5p.m.. Anticipated completion is early
Route 437, White Haven area. Drivers alert: Single lane with flagging operation begins Friday (9/26) 7am to 4p.m.. The temporary roadway is open and construction of a box culvert will proceed. Speed limit through work zone is 25 MPH. White Haven Police will be on site ticketing speeders.
Routes 2004, 2024. (River St & Main St): Work continues on Main St., Pittston, from the intersection of Route 2004 (River St.) and Route 2024 (Main St.), north through town to the Fort Jenkins Bridge. Some finishing work will continue through late fall; streetscape work will continue through early winter. Milling and paving work  Friday (9/26) with traffic reduced to one lane. Watch for parking restrictions. Work is 6am-6p.m..

RESTRICTIONS & CLOSURES: Detours, weight restrictions Route 1021 (8th Street Bridge), Wyoming Borough and Jenkins Twp:  PennDOT has posted a reduced weight limit of 32 tons for single and 40 tons for combination vehicles on this structure. Replacement is set for spring 2009. Recommended alternate route: Route 2004 River Street, South to Route 309 Cross Valley, North from Exit #3 to Exit #4 to Route 1006 Rutter Avenue to Route 1005 River St. to Route 11 Wyoming Avenue North. Follow signs during the closure.
Route 3014 (Dump Hill Rd): The bridge over Nescopeck Creek, Nescopeck, Southern Luzerne County, has been weight restricted to 6 tons or 1 truck.
Route 7304, the Regent St. Bridge over Solomons Creek:  This is a local bridge project administered for the City of Wilkes-Barre. Work will continue through the summer.  The Barney Street Bridge is being replaced; installation of new flood gates and widening and repairs to creek walls. This is part of the project that added flood gates to Waller, Regent and So. Franklin Sts. Bridges. Anticipated completion: July 2009.

BRIDGE WORK: Delays 7am-3p.m.Route 4006, Lackawaxen Twp: Deck patching Friday (10/3)

ROAD WORK: Lane restrictions, delays Monday (9/29) to Friday (10/3), 7am-3p.m. Route 590, from Route 4006 to Route 4003 (Masthope Plank Rd): Ditching & stabilization, both directions
Route 739: Sign installation
Route 3002 (Raimerville Rd): Brush cutting, pothole patching, pipe replacement & ditch cleaning Friday (10/3)
Various locations and times: Mowing

CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS: Lane restrictions, delays, detours Route 402: Repairs on the bridge over I-84 will begin soon with work on top and underneath. Expect short term daily single lane restrictions and shoulder closures controlled by temporary traffic signals. Anticipated work schedule is Monday mid-morning start through Friday afternoon with road  robably reopening for weekend traffic.  Anticipated completion is mid-November 2008. Bridge is scheduled for full replacement in several years. Bi-State Construction is contractor.

Route 434 (Well Road): Route 6 where it intersects with Route 434. Project has 4 work areas:
1)       Route 739 between I-84 and the intersection with SR 434. Both lanes open to traffic. Some paving remains.
2)       Curbing and similar drainage work will be done at the intersection of SR 739 and 434. No work has started at  this location.
3)       On Route 434 in between Route 739 and SR 6, a sharp curve will be removed. Signal in place. Work is underway. Watch for stopped traffic. Single lane restriction.
4)       On Route 6 at the intersection with Route 434: Stop signs in place on Route 434. LOOK FOR STOPS at new  intersection at Route 434 and Route 6. No work at this site. Paving remains on all sites.
Work will continue through fall 2008. Drivers alert: Be aware of construction vehicles and crews. Travel could be slow.

RESTRICTIONS & CLOSURES: Detours, weight restrictions Route 2006: Bridge over Dwarf Kill Creek has been down-posted to one truck at a time with a weight limit of 24 ton or 35 tons for combinations.

BRIDGE WORK: Lane restrictions, delays Monday (9/29) to Thursday (10/2), 6am-4:30p.m. Route 11, New Milford Borough Route 29, Liberty Twp

PAVING/RESURFACING: Single lane restrictions
Route 11, Great Bend & New Milford Twp: Monday (9/29) to Thursday (10/2), 6am-4p.m.
Route 167, Hopbottom: Single lane with short stoppages. Most of the work is currently off of the road, 7am-5p.m.

POTHOLE PATCHING, CRACK SEALING: Alternating lane restrictions, 7am-3p.m.
Route 29, Franklin & Liberty Twps:  northbound Monday (9/29) to Wednesday (10/1)

ROADWORK: Lane and shoulder restrictions, delays 7am-3p.m.
Route 11, Lathrop, Harford & New Milford Twps: Herbicide spraying Monday (9/29) to Thursday (10/2)
Route 11, Lathrop and Lenox Twps: Shoulder stabilization Monday (9/29) to Friday (10/3)
Route 171, Harmony &Thompson Twps: Shoulder cutting & ditching Monday (9/29) to
Friday (10/3)
Route 1020, Liberty Twp: Patching Thursday (10/2) & Friday (10/3)
Route 2020 (Forest St), Lenox Twp: Pipe replacement Monday (9/29) to Friday (10/3)

LINEPAINTING: DELAYS for slow-moving operation 9am to 4:30p.m. 1000-series routes: Thompson, Lanesboro, Oakland, & New Milford Twps. Possibly Dimock Corners 2000-series routes. Monday (9/29) to Friday (10/3).

CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS: Lane restrictions, delays, detours
Route 167, Brooklyn Twp:  Preliminary work for slope reconstruction through Saturday (9/27). Work is 7am-7p.m. with short intermittent traffic stops. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained throughout the project with only occasional and temporary lane closures when barriers and access roads are installed.  Estimated completion is mid-November 2008.

RESTRICTIONS & CLOSURES: Detours, weight restrictions
Route 92, Gillette, Gibson Twp: Closed for work: One lane of the bridge at Route 2046, 7 miles north of I-81.
Route 106, downtown Clifford: Temporary signals in place for single lane of traffic. Works begins 2009.
Route 267, Bridge over Stone Street Creek, Forest Lake Township: 0.8 miles from
Route 4012. Posted with a weight restriction: 31 tons, except combinations 40 tons. There are no immediate plans for replacement or repair.
Route 848, bridge over a branch of Butler Creek, Gibson Twp, .3 miles west of Route 547, Susquehanna County, has been posted as "Limited to One Truck" because of deterioration. Structure was built in 1940. There is no immediate plan for repair.
Route 1001, over branch of Tunkhannock Creek, Gibson Twp: Single lane bridge with temporary stop sign.
Route1011 (Stevens Point Rd), Harmony Twp: Bridge over Hemlock Creek, 2 miles north of Route 1009, has been posted as "Limited to One Truck" because of deterioration. There is no immediate plan for repair.
Route 1009, Harmony Twp: Single lane bridge with temporary stop sign.
Route 2012, Bridge over Tinker Brooke, Clifford Twp: Bridge has been down-posted to a weight limit of 34 tons, except combinations, 40 tons and is now limited to one truck. Bridge is located east of Route 2027. Built in 1941, this bridge has experienced deterioration. There are no immediate plans for replacement or repair.
Route 2040, (Skyline Drive): at Intersection of Main St. and Intersection of Lower Rd./Church St./Stillwater Rd., Uniondale Borough: Restricted to a single center lane. Legal loads permissible. Traffic is controlled by a stop sign.
Route 3001, Clifford Twp: Single lane bridge with temporary stop sign.
Route 3027, Jessup Township: Signals control traffic on one-lane temporary bridge.
Route 3029, Forest Lake Twp: The bridge over Forest Lake Creek 3 miles north of
Route 706 has been posted with a weight limit of 18 tons, except combinations, 32 tons and is limited to one truck.
Route 3029 over East Branch Wyalusing Creek, Jessup Twp: Posted for 28 tons, except combinations, 34 tons.

BRIDGE WORK: Lane restrictions, signed detours, delays 7am-3p.m. Route 296 (Waymart Borough), Canaan Twp: Off road drainage Thursday (10/2)
Route 1002 (Over Delaware River), Damascus Twp: Repair wood deck
Route 3026 (Tuthill Rd), Canaan Twp:  Off road drainage Monday (9/29) to Wednesday (10/1)
Route 4023 (Belmont Turnpike), Clinton Twp:  Off road drainage Friday (10/3)

POTHOLE PATCHING/ SEALING: Lane restrictions, delays Monday (9/29) to Friday (10/3), 7am-3p.m.
Route 6 (Grandview Ave), Honesdale Borough & Texas Twp: Crack sealing
Route 191 (Twin Rocks Rd), Sterling Twp: Pothole patching
Route 371 (Cochecton Turnpike) Damascus Twp: Pothole patching
Route 590 (Hamlin Highway) Salem Twp: Crack sealing

ROAD WORK: Lane restrictions, delays Monday (9/29) to Friday (10/3), 7am-3p.m.
Route 1001 (Carly Brook Rd), Oregon Twp: Drainage work
Route 1004 (Haase Rd), Berlin Twp: Drainage work
Route 3036 (School House Rd), Cherry Ridge Twp: Pipe placement & patch pipe trenches
Route 4012 (Shehawken Rd), Preston Twp: Shoulder cutting Wednesday (10/1) to Friday (10/3)
Route 4043 (Sherman Rd), Scott Twp: Shoulder cutting

CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS: Lane restrictions, delays, detours Route 6, Honesdale Borough: Concrete work is being done in the abutment footing.  The piles are complete at abutment and pier nearest to Church St.  Traffic remains half-width with temporary signals. Beams for the first half of the 4th St. Bridge will be gradually replaced, and should be in place by late October. Traffic is reduced from 3 to 2 lanes, one lane each direction. Approach work for the Church St bridge is complete on the Park St side, work still remains at 12th St.  Concrete sidewalks and parapet work is currently underway on Church St bridge. Widening work on West Park St. is nearing completion.  Sidewalks and curb cut ramps to the Main St Bridge is progressing. Pedestrians are asked to use the crosswalk at West St. The crosswalks at Main and Park St are under construction as the contractor prepares to complete these corners.  Park St. could be opening to traffic shortly.
New traffic signals are being installed at the various intersections, but the signals and changes will be made as needed for temporary conditions. Motorists are asked to be aware of these changes and obey the local speed limits. Drivers alert: New traffic patterns.  Concrete barriers reduce the lanes widths and permitted loads arerestricted to 10'6" through work zone. Allow for left turns during peak time to facilitate traffic.
 DETOUR for 12th Street at the intersection with Church St. Left turns only from Church onto 12th Street.  Detour uses 11th Street to access 12th Street. Project includes construction of the Church Street Bridge over the Lackawaxen River; widening of the 4th Street Bridge, turning traffic one-way on Mainand Church streets, new traffic signals. Work is Monday through Friday, 7am to 5p.m.. Anticipated completion is Summer 2010.

Route 170 bridge: over the Lackawaxen River, on the road to Prompton, Clinton Township: Mobilization continues for upcoming rehabilitation of the bridge. Single lane traffic has been switched to the other side of the bridge. A stop sign to control traffic remains in effect. Drivers alert: PLEASE BE ALERT FOR OTHER DRIVERS WHO MAY NOT BE FamILIAR WITH THE TRAFFIC PATTERN CHANGES. Completion is November 2008.

Route 191, Bridge over Dyberry Creek: Bridge is now open to two lanes of traffic. Traffic signals have been taken down. Some finishing work remains.

Route 3015 (Finn Swamp Rd), Paupack Twp: Bridge over Lake Moc-A-Tek outlet. Detour is Route 590 to 392 (Peiffer Rd) Approx 5.2 miles.

RESTRICTIONS & CLOSURES: Detours, weight restrictions Route 590, Lake Genero, Salem Twp: Shoulders closed on down-posted bridge.

BRIDGE WORK: Lane restrictions, delays, 7am-3p.m. Route 6, Tunkhannock: Replacing guiderail Wednesday (10/1) Route 2007 (Keelersburg Rd), Northmoreland Twp: Rock protection, repair wing and stream bed Monday (9/29) &Tuesday (9/30) Route 3008, Tunkhannock: Replacing guiderail Thursday (10/2)

ROAD WORK: Lane restrictions, delays, Monday (9/29) to Friday (10/3), 7am-3p.m. Route 29 N, Lemon/Tunkhannock: Patching Route 3003 (Sugar Hollow Rd), Eaton Twp: Slide repair

MILLING/PAVING: Single lane restrictions, 6:30am-5:30p.m. Route 6, from the blinking light at Meshoppen to the intersection with Route 87: Joint and base repair

CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS: Lane restrictions, delays Route 29: Daytime and nighttime paving for several weeks in the widening project, Monday through Friday 7am to 6am, single lane traffic. Daytime work will have no impact to traffic. Anticipated completion October 2008.

Route 1009 bridge over Meshoppen Creek, Lemon, .5 miles south of the county line, has been restricted to 19 tons, except combinations, 24 tons and is limited to one truck. No plans have been made for repairs as yet. Structure was built in 1920.
Route 1017, Nicholson: Road closed for pipe work Monday (9/29) & Wednesday (10/1) near Susquehanna County line & Squire Hill Rd. Monday's Detour (9/29): Route 1017 to
Route 2007 (Susquehanna County) to Route 3023 (Susquehanna County) to Route 1021(Main St) to Route 1019 (Main St) to Route 92, back to Route 1017. Wednesday's Detour (10/1): Route 1017 to Route 11 to Route 92, back to Route 1017.
Route 2002 (Schoolhouse Rd), Northmoreland Twp: On Monday (9/29), work will begin to stabilize the slide which occurred as the result of the 2006 flood. Work includes pavement reconstruction, drainage and guiderail installation. Kriger Construction was awarded the project with a bid of $286,987.  Depending upon progress of the project, the road could reopen for the winter, with paving and finishing work to follow in spring 2009. Anticipated completion is April 2009. DETOUR: Route 2007 to
Route 2005 back to Route 2002.
Route 2039 (Demick Hill Rd), Noxen: Bridge open. Replacing deck, beams and guiderail Saturday (9/27).