Bob Remus, a shy Minnesota farmboy who rose to international superstardom as "Sgt. Slaughter" will lead a contingent of professional wrestlers into the Maple City. "Honesdale Havoc" is slated for a 7:30 p.m. start Saturday night at the Wayne Highlands Middle School.

Robert Remus was raised in a blue collar town in America’s heartland. He was shy and quiet...a natural athlete who commanded increasing respect from his peers as he filled out a huge 6’5”, 300-pound frame.

Bob’s Dad grew up in Minnesota during the Great Depression and worked tirelessly on the family farm to support his family. Rudolph Remus took a keen interest in his son’s upbringing. “Rudy” was a big sports fan who followed baseball, boxing and wrestling.

One night when Bob was just two or three-years-old, he awakened to hear quite a commotion coming from the living room. Bob clambered out of bed and tiptoed to the doorway. There was his Dad, screaming at the TV set.

Rudy was watching professional wrestling, one of his favorite ways of winding down at the end of a hard day. For the longest time, he didn’t notice his son hovering at the periphery of the room. When Rudy finally did notice, he wasn’t angry. No, he took Bob on his lap and let him watch for awhile.

Before long, these father & son wrestling nights became a ritual. It proved to be the beginning of a lifelong love that would transport little Bob Remus from a farm in Minnesota to the very pinnacle of professional wrestling fame.

Bob Remus, better known to the world as “Sergeant Slaughter,” has led a full life by just about anyone’s standards. He’s been a United States Marine. He’s been a world champion. He’s accepted five different invitations to the White House, performed before millions of fans across the globe and joined the ranks of immortals in the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

This weekend, Sgt. Slaughter and a host of his friends will invade the Maple City for a  professional wrestling extravaganza. The event is set to take place Saturday evening in the Wayne Highlands Middle School gym. “Honesdale Havoc” will serve as a fundraiser for the Wayne County YMCA.

“In a lot of ways, wrestling in a small town like Honesdale is more fun than a big city,” Sarge told TWI Sports. “I just finished performing in front of 70,000 people for Wrestlemania. But, when there are that many, you can’t really connect. In places like Honesdale, you get to meet people up close & personal. I enjoy that. I love meeting fans and talking with them.”

As The Wayne Independent went to press Monday, great seats were still available. To purchase tickets in advance, just call the Wayne County YMCA (253-2083) or visit any of the following businesses: Elegante Restaurant (Honesdale), Music & Video Express (Honesdale), The River Reporter (Narrowsburg), Trish Bagels (Hawley), Kay’s Pizzeria (Lake Ariel), Seventh Street Coffee (Milford), Greater Carbondale YMCA.

The opening bell will sound at 7:30 pm. Doors open at 6:00 pm for a meet & greet session with the wrestlers. Platinum ticket holders will be admitted at 5:30 pm.

Behind the Legend
Sgt. Slaughter’s tough guy image masks a quiet intelligence and a genuine love for his profession. He’s a man first and a wrestler second.

The soon-to-be-60-year-old is a proud father of two and also has two grandchildren. Sarge knows that professional wrestling isn’t the most important thing in the world; but, he works hard to make sure fans get their money’s worth.

“I take my responsibility as a role model very seriously,” Sarge said. “When I was a kid, there were a couple of wrestlers who were very kind and very gracious to me. I’ve never forgotten that. I always have time for fans. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when I was one of them.”

Along with Sgt. Slaughter, internationally-known stars like Jerry “The King” Lawler, Christian Cage and Scotty Too-Hotty will also perform. In addition, Shohola’s own Gus Harlacher will be on hand, along with Velvet Sky and Talia Madison.