Want to monitor what illnesses are going around Wilkes Barre/Scranton? Check out Sickweather®, the world's first real-time map of human health. It tracks what’s making the rounds and displays results on a local level.

Illnesses currently trending in Wilkes Barre/Scranton include: Allergies, Asthma, Sore Throat

To track the flu and other illnesses in any location nationwide, download the free Sickweather mobile app at: 

iOS - http://sick.io/ios

Android: http://sick.io/android

A free Live Map feature for use in on-air TV broadcasts or on station websites is also available at www.sickweather.com

Along with illness tracking reports, Sickweather has added updates to the app including

A new “Call Doctor” button. Access to board certified physicians through a partnership with tele-health company WellVia Solutions at a 10% discount. Thermometer Connectivity. Bluetooth connectivity with three of the most popular brands of smart ear thermometers, allowing users to record and track their temperatures and other symptoms directly within the app. Enriched Illness and Symptom Information. Now partnering with Krames StayWell, greater detail on illnesses and symptoms tracked by Sickweather, including causes, when to see a doctor, and treatments are now available.

About Sickweather: Sickweather is the world's first real-time map of sickness and the largest crowdsourcing community of its kind – processing millions of illness reports each month. The company has been recognized for accurately forecasting outbreaks up to 15 weeks in advance. Sickweather is committed to providing consumers and businesses the most accurate, predictive and meaningful sickness forecasts in the world – for reducing healthcare costs and saving lives. For more information, visit www.sickweather.com