Pennsylvania Farm Bureau's Mobile Ag Science Lab has recently completed its transit through the Wayne Highlands School District, ending at the Preston Elementary School.

The Mobile Ag Education Science Lab program began when farmer members of the PA Farm Bureau proposed the idea of bringing agriculture education to students through a mobile classroom.

The Ag Lab was born and made its first visits to schools in Southcentral PA in 2003. Since then, the program has expanded to six Ag Labs which travel into school districts across the Commonwealth, bringing fun, hands – on learning to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Over one million students have visited the Lab and some schools request return visits each year.

PFB President Rick Ebert stated, “Over the years, our Ag Lab teachers have helped youngsters gain a better grasp of where their food comes from and the critical role farmers play in providing food, clothing, fuel and other products to the public.”

Wayne/Pike Farm Bureau donates the Ag Lab to two local schools every year.

This year, a grant was secured through the hard work of Lucy Ann Vierling of the Wayne/Pike Workforce Alliance which, along with some private donors, allowed the Lab to visit all the elementary and middle schools in the district in celebration of the new agriculture curriculum at Wayne Highlands.

Wayne/Pike Farm Bureau President Karl Eisenhauer would like to thank everyone who played a role in making this extended visit of the Mobile Ag Education Science Lab possible.