TAFTON—In addition to honoring Arthur and Gail Grey at the Wayne County Community Foundation (WCCF) annual Ben Franklin Community Service Award Dinner, the foundation also presented William McAllister with its “Founder Award.”

According to a release, WCCF President Warren Schloesser “... praised Mr. McAllister's dedication to the organization explaining, explaining to the audience that he was one of the first five members of the board starting in 1991.”

The release states McAllister continued serving consecutively as a board member in various positions for the last quarter century.

McAllister is most recently sitting as a member of the WCCF Investments and Finance Committee and recently chaired the “Bring Ben to Town” project, results of which were present in the form of the eponymous historical figure gracing the dinner that evening.

“I'm very proud of the accomplishments the Wayne County Community Foundation has been able to achieve over the last 25 years,” said McAllister.

When asked about receipt of the award, he stated, “It's been my most satisfying achievement.”

McAllister explained the foundation at its inception was created as a means of providing support and benefit to citizens and non-profit businesses in Wayne County.

Looking back at the foundation's history, McAllister pointed out several noteworthy accomplishments of the WCCF.

Notably, WCCF has provided annual scholarships to local graduates since 1995, reaching a total of $66,000 in awards this past year.

McAllister also mentioned feeling a great deal of satisfaction in WCCF's formation of the Youth Advisory Committee – a group of high school students from local school districts tasked with assessing applications from and awarding grants to organizations in the area's school districts.

Establishment of the First Responders Fund and the foundation's ability to honor charitable individuals with an award from one of the nation's founders also ring as prominent WCCF accomplishments for McAllister.

Acknowledging the combined efforts of his fellow board members in bringing all these and WCCF's other charitable causes to realization, McAllister reiterated, “When I look at the things this organization has accomplished in the last 25 years, it's with some degree of satisfaction.”

—Information from a release was used in this story.