GREENTOWN — John Joseph Henneforth Jr., 38 of Greentown, was arrested on drug related charges according to the Wayne County District Attorney's office.

According to a release from the Wayne County District Attorney's Office Tuesday, Henneforth Jr. " charged with Delivery of Heroin (F), Criminal Use of Communication Facility (F), and Possession of Heroin (M)."

The release states he is "...a suspect in large scale drug deal ring in Wayne County."

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Nov. 8 at 9 a.m. in Central Court, and bail was set at $250,000 by District Magisterial Judge Linus Myers.

Henneforth Jr. " currently on State Parole for a previous conviction in 2013 for Delivery of Heroin (F) and related drug offenses," according to the release.

Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards said in a statement: “The heroin problem must be addressed with a combination of education of our youth, treatment of those addicted and prosecution of drug dealers. Safety of our towns and our residents must come first.

"Drug dealing always brings with it crime. Today’s charge is a great step in arresting dealers who sell large amounts of drugs in our county.

 "Various law enforcement officers joined the Wayne County District Attorney’s Drug Task Force in this investigation. Agencies represented in this investigation are the Pennsylvania State Police, the Pike County Detectives Office, the Honesdale Borough Police Department and the Waymart Borough Police Department.”

According to the affidavit of probable cause filed Oct. 30 at the office of MDJ Linus Myers by Wayne County District Attorney's Office Chief Detective Peter Hower:

During October 2017, law enforcement officials “...met with a confidential informant...” who knows the defendant, Henneforth Jr.

The Confidential Informant (CI) “...has purchased heroin from him (Henneforth) on numerous occasions in the past,” documents state.

Court papers show Henneforth Jr. “... will generally 'front' the heroin to the CI, meaning that he will not require payment for that heroin delivery until the next delivery and so on.”

Between Oct. 1 and Oct. 8, 2017, Hower met with Wayne County Detectives Bendersky and McMorrow and Pike County Detectives Jones and Robinson at the office of the Wayne County District Attorney.

Hower dropped off Bendersky and Robinson at the residence of the CI.

The detectives entered the CI's residence, met with them and was found “ be free of any controlled substances, contraband or U.S. Currency.”

The CI was “...kept in their constant sight after the search,” the affidavit states.

The CI “....made contact with Henneforth via cell phone and made arrangements to purchase three bricks (150 bags) of heroin from him.”

The affidavit states the CI also owed Henneforth $300 for a prior heroin delivery.

The CI was provided with $300 “...of pre-recorded U.S. Currency to pay the debt and $360.00 of U.S. Currency for the purchase of heroin.”

The informant was escorted outside by Robinson, who then went back inside “...the CI's residence...” to watch the transaction.

Henneforth Jr. arrived and pulled into the far driveway of the CI's residence.

“Detective Robinson observed the CI walk in front of the residence toward Henneforth's vehicle, but lost sight of the CI as they continued walking toward Henneforth,” court papers state.

Robinson went upstairs and looked through a window on the second floor.

 “As he did that, he observed the CI walking back along the front residence,” according to the affidavit.

The CI then entered the residence “...and provided Detective Robinson with a bundle of heroin.”

The CI related that “...they provided Henneforth with the $300.00 in pre-recorded U.S. Currency,” and that Henneforth “...gave them only a bundle of heroin instead of the three bricks as they had discussed earlier.”

The CI was searched a second time and found “ be free of any controlled substances, contraband or U.S. Currency,” the affidavit states.

The heroin was secured as evidence and will be submitted to the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Crime Lab for analysis.