National Business Women's Week

HONESDALE—Thursday afternoon, October 12, the Wayne County Board of Commissioners proclaimed this week – October 15 through October 21 – as National Business Women's Week.

According to the proclamation, National Business Women's Week initiated in 1928 to honor “working women and employers who support working women and their families.”

The proclamation also states that the 72 million working women represent almost half of the nation's total workforce.

Additionally, 30 percent of all American businesses are owned by women. These employ 9.2 million people and generate $1.9 trillion in sales.

Present to receive the proclamation were local Business and Professional Women's Foundation (BPW) representatives Rochelle Haviland (President), Juliann Doyle (Parliamentarian), Betty deMaye-Caruth (Membership executive) and Pamela Wilson, esquire.

Speaking on behalf of BPW, Haviland took a moment to thank the Commissioners for their support of the organization.

“We constantly vow to help working women in all areas progress and be as functional and as equal as every man that's in the workforce,” said Haviland.

Doyle added – in light of a proclamation made earlier that meeting to the Victims Intervention Program (VIP) to be discussed at length in a future edition - “As I was sitting there thinking about VIP and the many people they serve, there are many people, once the get out of their situation if they've been with VIP, they come out into the workforce.

“And so I just need them to make sure that we're there for them. We're they're next step, so we would love to help those people along.”

Commending the organization on their efforts in the community – particularly the Walk of Honor veterans memorial positioned next to the Courthouse – Board Chairman Brian Smith stated, “Professional women in general just add so much to our community and so much to every community across the nation … and so we certainly appreciate all the contributions women give to our community and across the nation.”

Commissioner Wendell Kay added to this sentiment stating, “It just so happens that all three commissioners are lucky enough to have business women in their families that we rely on.”

Kay also commented on the Walk of Honor, stating that, while the inception of such an idea is remarkable in its own right, the fact that BPW was able to execute said idea is all the more commendable.

Highlighting the equivalence in number of women to men in the national workforce and the larger number of women than men at the county level, Commissioner Joseph Adams stated, “The reality of all of that is the contributions by professional women in our society and directly in our county operation, we get some of the best and brightest suggestions of what we need to do to help and move our county forward from our professional women employees.”

In thanking BPW for their commitments to working women, he added, “There are many, many great things that women have added to our society and added to our workforce and I think our county is a prime example of how good things have come from that.”

BPW events

Haviland mentioned BPW was preparing for upcoming fundraiser, “Wreaths Across America,” a chance to honor all who serve and have served in the United States military by laying wreaths on the graves of those fallen in service to the country.

BPW will be selling wreaths for $15 to be placed on graves at Arlington national cemetery.

Haviland explained BPW is looking to designate a local cemetery for next year's presentation so that those who support the fundraiser with their purchase can see and experience the wreath-laying ceremony.

This will take place on December 16.

Haviland explained that BPW receives five dollars from each wreath purchased which will go towards the Walk of Honor memorial established by the organization last year.

BPW is looking to add additional sponsored podiums to the memorial bearing the names of

BPW is also planning a Veteran's Day ceremony in Apple Grove this November.

The foundation meets on the third Monday of each month at 5:30 in a rotating location. Those interested in attending the meetings or joining the Wayne County BPW should call 570-253-8060.