HONESDALE — At their second regular meeting of the month held Monday night, Honesdale Borough Council appointed a replacement for the vacant councilor position left by Jeremy Ebert whose resignation was accepted September 18.

Following acceptance of Ebert's resignation, Council requested applications from parties interested in filling the vacant seat for the duration of the term remaining, set to expire January 6, 2020.

Council received application letters from James Jennings – known by most as “Jim” and bearing no relation to Councilor Bob Jennings – and Dan Flannery.

Only J. Jennings was able to make it to the meeting to sit for an interview, as was required by the request for applicants.

In stating his reasoning for application to council, J. Jennings expressed a love for Honesdale garnered from growing up in the town.

“I'm really committed to helping our community grow in a responsible, safe, green and positive way.”

He stated he was interested in getting into borough council to “continue to build on the strong foundation that has already been built.”

J. Jennings explained his strengths lay in “a diverse professional background” and that he is interested most in community development.

He concluded by stating, “I'm excited to put some of my knowledge in project management, city planning and community development to good use on borough council and to continue to contribute to this wonderful town.”

After J. Jennings concluded, Council President Mike Augello responded with an affirmation of the commitment needed by Honesdale Borough Councilors to make the scheduled meetings on the first and third Mondays of each month.

“We do have a situation where it's hard for us sometimes … to maintain a quorum,” stated the President. “Are you willing to make the commitment to be here during that schedule?”

J. Jennings responded that he would do so.

There were no further questions for the applicant.

Councilor Chris Murray moved to nominate J. Jennings' appointment, with a second to the motion given by Councilor Tim Lauffenburger.

No other nominations were made and a roll-call vote was held to elect the new councilor after Murray moved to do so.

The vote passed unanimously with affirmatives given by councilors Augello, Murray, Lauffenburger and B. Jennings.

Councilors Mike Dux and Troy Johnson were not present at the meeting.

J. Jennings was sworn in and took his seat on the dais for the duration of the meeting.

When later asked for comment, he stated “I'm just really excited to have this opportunity.”

In addition to filling the remainder of Ebert's term, J. Jennings will step into the former councilor's roles on the Workplace Safety & Insurance, Finance, Stormwater and Parks & Recreations committees.