If you’re a Fan boy/girl, live for Superheroes or LOTR, GOT, Star Trek, Star Wars or Anime is your thing and you weren’t at the Wayne Co Public Library on Saturday, October 7th, you missed the Library mini Comic-Con.

The afternoon was filled with Character Panel questions from the audience for Professor Minerva McGonagall(Christine San Jose), Yubaba (Amanda DeMasi), Kylo Ren (Chris Evans), Commander Shepard (Harrison Balthaser), Master Chief (Lars Balthaser), and Halo Warrior Noble 6 (Tom Burke).

Master Tang Soo Do Academy demonstrated “Jedi” moves against the “dark side.”

Ruth Skorupa’s students did an excellent job keeping us safe.

Jacob Martin of the Wayne Art Alliance judged the art work of the entrants for the Comic Con art contest.

The winners were Adult category: 1st place—Owen Hendershott, 2nd place—Shannon Thol; Teen category: 1st place—Emily Johannes; tie for 2nd place—Sierra Friscia and Grace Ann Olver; Children category: 1st place Joycelyn Cornwall, 2nd place—Trysten Evanitsky.

The adult workshop presented by Heather Hogan-Spencer and Jim Spencer of Bodhi Tree Art Studio demonstrated the use of make up in costuming.

Danielle Brussell helped the teens to write the best fan fiction. Melanie Shaffer with her league of volunteers Melody Balthaser, Kathy Bowman, Mikki McDonnell(face painter extraordinaire) turned children into superheroes.

The trivia contest tested the skills of all and our own Tech Tutor, Andy Ford walked off with the prize.

From light saber pretzels to Chewie Wookie cookies as well as Harry Potter and Wonder Woman photo ops, a multigenerational afternoon’s appreciation of film and literature was had by all.

The Mini Comic-Com ended with Cosplay parade with the winners as follows: Adult: 1st place—Jake Forelli, 2nd place—Moe; Teen: 1st place—Abbs Fuller, 2nd place—Ryan Forelli; Children: 1st place—Logan Lester, 2nd place—Talon Mullin.

So many people helped to bring this afternoon about. We wish to thank all who were involved including the Friends of the Library and volunteers and staff with a special thank you to the following businesses who donated prizes for comic con: Pizza Hut, Music and Video Express, Gertrude Hawks Chocolates, Cinema 6, Letterhead Comics. You’re Super!

For those who weren’t there, start thinking what costume you will wear next year.