HONESDALE—The Wayne County Commissioners commended the efforts of dedicated employees Natalie Burns, from the county department of Children and Youth Services (CYS), and Kathleen Chicoski, a committed member of the Human Services staff, at their meeting yesterday morning.

Burns and Chicoski have both contributed 15 years of quality service to Wayne County, earning the accolades of the Board of Commissioners.

“It's been a fun ride,” said Chicoski, thanking the commissioners for their recognition at their meeting.

“Both of you are extremely dedicated,” stated Board Chairman Brian Smith, explaining that a 15-year commitment to any endeavor is a monumental feat.

“I know that what you do requires a lot of time and dedication,” he added while thanking them.

Commissioner Joseph Adams added that, while he's only been a commissioner for a short time “... one of the things I've noticed most are how caring and how concerned and on the same team the people who work in Wayne County are.”

Adams elaborated that it is a “pleasantly unusual” experience to find so cohesive and cooperative a group of workers “pulling on the rope in the same direction at the same time.”

In congratulating the pair, Adams stated that he looks forward to many more years of working alongside them.

Commissioner Kay added, “When people consistently excel at what they do, first of all that becomes the expectation of the norm for that individual … and, secondly, it creates … a reputation for that individual for having the ability to persevere through difficult circumstances.”

He added that both Chicoski and Burns exemplify this trait.

Kay continued, stating that he was optimistic from early on that Burns would make an impact in CYS, and that Chicoski is “... the model of efficiency … ,” and “... a very integral part of what we call our governing boards for Human Services.”

In thanking and congratulating the pair, Kay added that, so long as all workers in the county are able to commit to their jobs with a similar degree of seriousness and pride as Chicoski and Burns, “... I think we can be continually successful as a county.”