The Crossroad Timber Tree Farm will be the site of a public educational forestry day, Sunday, October 1st at 1:30 PM. Forest owners are invited to learn about the following:

The safe and professional way to cut down a tree. Logger, SteveBott, will demonstrate how best to fell a tree safely. This is a technique used by most loggers and should be used by forest owners that work in their own woods.

Kevin Wenner, Wildlife Management Supervisor with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, will speak on the Game Commission’s Dmap program available to landowners. If you are property owner and want to try to control the deer population on your property, learn how the Dmap program can help. Kevin will also speak on how to improve the health of the deer in your area with a balanced buck to doe ratio.

Kelley Stewart, Forest Specialist with the Wayne Conservation District, will show you a recent timber harvest that improves the health of the forest. The woods here in Wayne County are facing many environmental stresses: invasive insects, invasive plants and weather extremes. Kelley will speak on what you as a forest owner should do to maintain a healthy woods.

Colleen Champion, Watershed Specialist with the Wayne Conservation District, will show you a pond with many problems. If you own a pond, or think you would like to have one in the future, join Colleen as she addresses pond management.

Wetlands, what good are they? How can I improve them for wildlife habitat? Nathan Fronk, Biologist with The US Army Corps of Engineers, will answer these and many questions as they show you a forested wetlands at the Crossroad Tree Farm. Many property owners have wetlands on their property and need to know what legally they can do with their wetlands.

The Crossroad Tree Farm is located at 834 Beech Grove Rd., Honesdale, PA. Take Route 670 N. from Honesdale, go approximately 4 miles, turn left on the Upper Crossroad located at C & M Sales, at the stop sign go right on the Beech Grove Road, and the forestry day will be on the right. Plan to arrive by 1:30 PM as tour guides will take you to the different stations and the presenters will explain or demonstrate to you some very valuable information. For additional information or questions call 570-253-4161.