DYBERRY TOWNSHIP—The regular August meeting for the Dyberry Township Board of Supervisors conducted business as usual on its second Monday meeting date.

According to the meeting minutes, supervisors Kevin McGinnis, Bruce Varcoe and Greg Reed were all present.

During the road and equipment maintenance report, it was announced that township equipment materials – less the anti-skid material, the shed and some garbage – have been temporarily located to Carl Grimm's property for storage awaiting the finalization of a new leased storage space.

The report continues, stating that Tim Kohrs is set to level the property and lay black top on the area where a new salt bin will be installed.

Supervisor Reed listed a price for a 14 gauge, 26' by 21' salt bin at $5,175. The Board decided to belay purchasing until the lease is complete.

In a separate matter, the township continues to pursue a lease with Raymond Riefler for use of his garage with shed roof.

The matter was first addressed at the regular July meeting where Riefler offered to let the township use his garage for $400 per month.

Township Solicitor Matt Meagher was in the process of drawing up a three-year lease. It was not yet ready at the August meeting, and so its signing was tabled for a future date.

CDBG projects

The August minutes reflect an update for Dyberry's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project on Erk Road.

The supervisors submitted a document stating the township would pay any amount exceeding the expected $44,741 approved by CDBG.


An email entered into the minutes from the Department of the Auditor General states that the Prompton Fire and Rescue Unit “... did not maintain a surety bond in an amount sufficient to cover the authorized disbursing officer.”

The minutes further state that the fire company's response agreed with the Auditor General and is expected to take action in compliance with recommendations to either lower the fund balance or increase the bond.