HONESDALE—Residents, shoppers and tourists of Honesdale with an historical inclination will be delighted to hear that a recent update the Dick Kreitner historic walking tour will allow them to access a whole database of information about the more venerable buildings right in the palms of their hands.

In Kreitner's memory, Jeff Hiller upgraded a few dozen establishments on the tour to include plastic QR barcodes on their exterior which link the properties to a brief write-up on the Wayne County Historical Society Website.

The codes can be scanned via one of many QR reader apps found on most smartphone app stores, said Hiller.

Those interested can find a map of all the locations on Kreitner's original tour at the Greater Honesdale Partnership building.

Not every building on the tour has a code yet, as they do not all have corresponding write-ups to link to, though Hiller hopes to remedy this should such histories be compiled.

Additionally, he would like to expand the project to include any buildings of historical significance within the county.

At the moment, all the buildings on the tour are contained between the two bridges bordering Honesdale proper

He encourages owners of historic properties who may be interested in featuring their buildings on the tour to contact him at 570-470-9532.

“I put an invitation out to people, if they have a historic property that they want included as part of this … I'll put the money out to do the badges.”

Hiller asks that interested building owners provide a write up of their building's historicity that he can link to the QR code.

Hiller alluded to several key places north of Main Street in Honesdale and others in Waymart he would like to see similarly tagged.

The project's aim is to get families out together to learn interesting facts about the places they live, shop and visit.

In Hiller's words, the goal is to “get back to the times we used to be [in].”

He later added, “When you have a town … [like] what we have, it's good to embrace that. That is what brings people, the charm and all that about the town.”

Hiller presented his tour to the Wayne County Board of Commissioners with a welcome reception in mid July.

At a meeting two weeks later, Board Chairman Brian Smith mentioned having experienced the tour first-hand with pleasurable experience.

“It really gives you a lot of history, history that I think is … meaningful to our area and meaningful to tourists being able to come in and access a map and go on their own self-guided tour.”

Smith encouraged citizens to venture out and experience it in their spare time.