WAYNE COUNTY — An educational workshop will be held to increase public awareness of and discuss treatment strategies for an invasive aquatic plant, known as hydrilla, identified in Wayne County’s Lake Alden/Long Pond.

The Wayne Conservation District is working in conjunction with the PA Fish and Boat Commission, the PA Department of Agriculture, the Department for Conservation of Natural Resources, PA Sea Grant, as well as the offices of Representative John Fritz and Senator Lisa Baker to organize this event and provide information to the community regarding this threat.

Hydrilla is designated as a federal noxious weed because of its rapid growth and ability to aggressively outcompete native species.

It can grow to lengths of 25 to 30 feet, even in dark areas of a water body, and it creates thick mats on the surface of the water that block sunlight and restrict recreational uses.

Hydrilla can spread easily to other bodies of water by hitchhiking on waterfowl, boats and trailers, or other recreational equipment.

Education and awareness are key in the management of hydrilla because of the environmental and economic impact this kind of invasive species could have across our area.

The workshop will cover the characteristics and identification of hydrilla, potential treatment options for Lake Alden, and best practices for preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species between waterbodies.

The workshop will be held on Thursday, September 21st at 6:00 PM in the cafeteria of The Wayne County Park Street Complex at 648 Park Street in Honesdale.