JEFFERSONVILLE, NY — WJFF Radio Catskill is getting ready for a move that will make it more accessible to the community while modernizing its studios and facilities and ensuring a more reliable broadcast signal.

The non-commercial broadcaster looks forward to the opportunities its new site will offer to involve a wider community as it works to achieve the vision of its Strategic Plan, “to connect, reflect and involve diverse communities through enlightening, informative and entertaining content.”

After a year of investigation and consideration, the WJFF Board of Directors has voted to move its offices and main studios from Jeffersonville to its new property in Liberty at 2758 Route 52.

This property was generously donated by a long-time friend of the station, Barbara Martinsons. Radio Catskill took ownership of the property in October of 2016.

The move will take many months to plan, orchestrate and complete.

It’s important to note that although WJFF is moving, its transmitter is not. Moving to Liberty actually puts WJFF’s studios and offices within sight of its transmitter on Elk Point Rd. for the first time in its history.

This means WJFF’s main building will be at the center of its broadcast range and makes it possible to install a microwave link directly to the tower and transmitter, in turn strengthening the reliability of its signal. WJFF’s satellite studios in Honesdale, PA will remain at The Cooperage Project.

About WJFF Radio Catskill

WJFF Radio Catskill reaches nearly 100,000 listeners in the Catskills and Northeastern Pennsylvania on 90.5fm/94.5fm and with an eclectic mix of news, public affairs and music, produced by community volunteers of all ages and backgrounds.

WJFF Radio Catskill also broadcasts national and international programming from NPR, BBC News, Pacifica, APM and other media outlets.

WJFF Radio Catskill is a non-commercial educational radio broadcaster whose mission is to make available to its community a broad range of ideas and ideals useful to a full and enlightened life.

It also aims to involve the community in preserving and transmitting the community’s cultural heritage and artistic expressions in addition to those of the global community and to promote understanding among people of diverse social and cultural backgrounds.

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