HONESDALE—Quality Printing and Design, Inc. – a local producer of graphic and textual design and dissemination for over 30 years – recently relocated its base of operations to 218 6th Street.

It now resides inside the renovated belly of the former Katz Underwear Company factory – more recently the center of production for Rudy Schemitz' New Wave Woodworking – overlooking the Lackawaxen River winding its way along the base of Irving Cliff.

The Katz' factory began construction in 1899, a year after the company was founded on Main Street in Hoensdale by brothers Jacob, Jonas and Samuel Katz.

Even after serving as a warehouse and operations center for New Wave Woodworking, many of the factory's original features remained.

Patti Bursis, current Quality President and graphic designer, stated that she was thrilled to inhabit the building with all its historical features.

Bursis explained she preserved as much of this historicity as possible when performing the necessary renovations upon moving in.

Where possible, the structure boasts areas of exposed brickwork, preserved original flooring, and the ceiling joists are visible for customers to relish while visiting.

“I was going to go to the ends of the earth to keep this floor because it was so cool,” said Bursis.

She pointed to several areas in her office of the floor's unique quality, including places where the floor's wooden slats shift directions unexpectedly and where holes in the floor were patched with iron plates riveted in place.

While undergoing renovations, more traditional windows were installed as well.

A notable historical marker in the building is a mysterious scrawl of graffiti bearing a date contemporaneous with the middle of World War I.

Bursis' business partner Terri Henderson stated she most enjoys working in the building to see all its old characteristics come back to life.

“We consider it an honor to be working in [the Katz] building. It's a beautiful spot,” she said.

Renovations to the building began at the end of April with the majority of the overhaul completed and ready for when Quality moved in on June 8.

Work included teardown and reinstallation of the building's electrical lines, repainting of the walls and ceiling, and installation of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

New walls were also installed, sectioning the building into several working stations.

Some light work remains, but all is set to be completed by Quality's Open House/grand reopening scheduled for September 15.

Bursis stated she enjoys the open space offered by the new building.

Working space jumped from around 1,800 square feet to 3,700 square feet, allowing the implementation of both the company's screen printing and regular printing operations.

Prior to the move, the screen printing work had to be preformed in a separate work space.

“I wanted everything under one roof,” said Bursis.

“I've always wanted a shop that was completely open like this,” she added. “I want people to come in and see us working and what we do.”

Along with the move, Quality purchased new screen printing equipment to install in the rear of their new workspace.

Approaching its 35th year, Quality Printing offers various services including one to full color printing, screen printing, embroidery, sign and banner printing, and event printing.

“We're a mighty little shop,” said Bursis. “We work hard for hard-working people.”

To celebrate its recent relocation, Quality will host an open house on Friday September 15 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at their new location.

Those interested are invited to visit the new building at any time during the open house to view samples of Quality's work, enjoy local food and drinks, and participate in myriad giveaways including door prizes for which attendees can sign up at the event.