HONESDALE — The Wayne Conservation District is pleased to once again announce an incentive program to promote the planting of cover crops on fields that would normally be bare after harvesting.

Cover crops provide many soil health benefits, are excellent soil builders, and nutrient scavengers.

Producers will be reimbursed for 75% of actual seed costs that are applied at the PSU recommended agronomic rate on their land located in Wayne County.

Seed applied above or below the agronomic rate is not reimbursable.

If you have any questions about recommended application rates, please contact Zach Jones for more information.

Only fields producing an annual crop (one that leaves the soil open) will qualify for the cover crop seed reimbursement such as corn, soybean or a commercial vegetable garden.

This funding is available to active farmers only.

The goal is to promote the Best Management Practice of cover crops, to reduce erosion and to scavenge nutrients.

The seed must be planted with a No-Till Seeder.

Farmers may use their own No-Till Seeder or the District has a seeder available for rent.

Cover crops must be planted within a timeframe where final inspection of growth for program payment can be made by the District on or before November 15, 2017.

Seed purchased before July 1, 2017 will not be reimbursed.

You must be pre-registered in order to participate.

Call Zach Jones at the Wayne Conservation District Office, 570-253-0930 to schedule an on-site registration and field eligibility visit.