HONESDALE — The Stourbridge project presents a Business Essentials Networking and Training Seminar Series beginning in September.

Weekly sessions are from 5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m. and are free of charge. Light refreshments included. RSVP requested but not required.

For more information, contact Jess Wolk at jwolk@wpworkforce.org, 570-390-7613. The lineup includes:


• September 26: HR Basics, Anthony Manzione, Blueprints Benefits Group /Manzi1 Consulting

HR Basics concentrates on Legal Responsibilities of applications, interviews, disciplinary actions, discrimination laws, I9, At Will Employment and includes an open discussion on what is relevant to the attendee's needs.


• September 28: Sales Strategies to Grow Your Business, Stephan Schiffman

This session covers the philosophy of ABC selling, the ABC conversation, Always Be Closing and 25 tips to Always Be Closing.

October 5: Small Business Retirement Plans, Anthony Capristo and David Mitchell, Forthright Wealth Management

In this session, we will be discussing all the retirement plans available to small business owners, how to set up the Plans, the ongoing maintenance required, the funding rules and contribution limitations. This helps small business owners save money in taxes in many cases and improve employee retention.


• October 12: Research & Development and KIZ Tax Credits, Mike McCann, MVM Associates

Find out all you needed to know about qualifying for, buying and selling Tax Credits!

The Pennsylvania R&D Tax Credit was created to enhance economic growth in the Commonwealth.

Any Pennsylvania company, who has conducted qualified research, may qualify for Pennsylvania’s Research & Development Tax Credit.

The KIZ tax credit application is based on increasing gross revenues with a maximum KIZ Tax Credit Award Amount of $100,000 each year.


• October 19: Top 10 Time Saving Strategies for Professionals & Entrepreneurs, Cena Block, Sane Spaces

This session motivates attendees by introducing easy time strategies to implement today. Participants are encouraged to identify their biggest time barriers and define consistent actions that will remove them.

Turning those actions into healthy habits creates incremental shifts that will save time, reduce stress and release the tension of feeling out of control.


• October 26: Building Your Brand: Essential Design Tips for Business Owners, Morgan Keller, WEDCO

In this seminar, you will get an opportunity to learn tricks and tips for brand essentials.

Learn best practices for designing your logo, business card, and an information brochure, as well as the basics of using Adobe Creative Cloud to build your designs.


• November 2: Research: Methods and Real Life Model

Jeremy Coar the Wayne Library Alliance’s Research Librarian reviews research methods and resources.


Jim Zumpone, Supreme Zippers and the Zipper Junction Project, discusses how he went about researching and developing his ambitious plan for the Zipper Junction Project.

The Zipper Junction Project is a creative enclave of innovation, technology, teaching, and learning that is surrounded by, blended into, and bound together by sports, fitness, theaters, arts, music, food, and entertainment; all operating within a mutually beneficial, outside-in town environment, a literal and physical open source community.


• November 9: Business Plan Boot Camp, Jack Barnett

Learn the basics of writing a business plan. Give your plan a real workout and learn how to make your business plan robust and comprehensive.


• November 14: Marketing: Developing Content, Troy Bystrom

Learn how to effectively communicate with your market and support your brand by developing your site with rich content.