Throughout the summer and into the fall, it is not uncommon to hear the roar of engines throughout the county as derby cars are being built.

The local garages are always filled with dirt and dust, the kind that lingers in the air, as sparks fly from welders, and the ringing of power tools can be heard into all hours of the night. The individuals within these garages pour their hearts and souls into building the best cars they can.

A family is made within the derby community, this family is bonded by helping one another learn to create the best car possible.

There is no feeling quite like the one felt by the drivers as they pull their cars onto the track before their heat. Their adrenaline starts pumping, as their nerves peak.

The excitement is not only felt by the drivers but by their families and friends who fill the stands waiting to see how the cars will hold up against one another.

On June 24, 2017 the derby family suffered another huge loss, Matthew Box. He was the son of Norman and Tammy Box, brother to Jessica LoPresti and Christopher Box, and a best friend to anyone who got the chance to meet him.

Matt was the kind of man that would do any thing for anyone.

He was good at everything he did and loved it just the same.

A few things Matt enjoyed was riding around with his dogs, Cabella and Lucy, working on trucks, staying up at all hours of the night working on his derby car with friends, and spending time with his amazing family.

After the loss of Matt, the derby community grew a little larger when they got the chance to meet his family.

On September 2, at the GDS fair’s demolition derby there will be a raffle car in memory of Matthew Box.

The reason Matt’s friends chose to built a raffle car instead of having a regular benefit is to give one lucky person a chance to experience something Matt loved first hand.

If you thought about what it would be like to run in a derby, but never had the funds, the time, or did not know where to start here is you big chance.

The car contains a 4 point cage for safety and a helmet will be provided. Raffle tickets will be sold for the general public to purchase by the grandstands the night of the derby.

All of the proceeds from this raffle will be given to his family to help cover some of the expenses from his funeral.

A huge thank you to everyone involved with making this car raffle possible. First we would like to thank Jeremy Gulley and Spinning Wheels Production for holding the raffle, to Mikes Auto in Hawley, PA for letting us use the garage,and to all of the helpful hands that built the car Ryan LaTourette, Justin Klinkiewicz, Chris Box, Timmy Schweighofer, Willie Hobbs, Mike Kuzmiak, James Zipperlen, Cody Gelatt, Anthony Mascari, Chelsea David, Harmony Klinkiewicz, Brielle Polachek, Lindsey Boogertman, and Madeline Miller .

We all hope that whoever wins the raffle loves the experience as much as Matt did.