HONESDALE — Moira Richey, 52, was arraigned Tuesday in the court of Magisterial District Judge Bonnie Carney on charges of abuse of a corpse (misdemeanor two), forgery (felony) and theft (misdemeanor).

Richey's mother, Patricia, was found dead and in an advanced state of decomposition at the end of June earlier this year on the third floor of the Harvest Inn Bed & Breakfast in Honesdale.

Cause and manner of Patricia's death were listed as undetermined due to the extent of decomposition following an autopsy.

The deceased was identified via forensic dental records.

In the affidavit accompanying the arrest papers, affiant Trooper Gregory Allen states that examiner Dr. Gary Ross found Patricia Richey's bones “...were very osteoporotic.”

The affidavit states ribs on the left and right side were broken, but the hyoid bone was intact.

While time of death is undetermined, Allen quotes Ross' estimate that Patricia Richey could likely have been dead for several months.

The affidavit further states that Moira Richey forged her mother's name to withdraw $1,600 from her mother's account on May 27, 2017.

“This account belonged to Patricia Richey and at this time Moira Richey did not have legal permission to do so,” court papers state.

According to the arrest warrant and subsequent affidavit filed Aug. 28 by Trooper Allen, “...was the sole provider for her mother...”

Richey and her mother had been living on the inn's third floor since June 2016 after having moved from the second floor in which they'd resided since February of 2013.

Court papers show the Richeys “...had almost exclusive use of the third floor because they only use it for guests or family members if the second floor is booked.”

Documents show Moira told authorities Patricia “...did spend 5 ½ months in Ellen Memorial Healthcare Center...after she suffered a fall and needed rehabilitation.”

Richey is set to appear in Central Court on September 6.

She awaits trial in prison on a $30,000 bail.