WAYMART—Avid readers will be delighted to hear that Waymart borough is now the proud owner of a Little Free Library.

Book enthusiasts of all ages and interests are free to stop by the little enclosure – perched outside the borough building on 128 South Street – and select a literary adventure to set upon at their leisure.

Patrons can even donate books to the library to grow its collection and keep fresh books in circulation at all times.

The only stipulation is that donated materials be family-friendly in nature and devoid of lewdness or overly graphic material.

When the structure was installed last Thursday, Council member Jane Varcoe and Council President Lilian Rollison seeded the library with Dan Brown's “The Da Vinci Code,” Sandra Brown's “Charade,” James Patterson's “Zoo,” Dan Pendleson's “The Executioner” and Ben Coes' “First Strike.”

“I want people to read,” said Rollison. “It's a wonderful thing for the community and I hope they partake.”

Both Rollison and Varcoe expressed remorse at not having a library present in Waymart before this.

Rollison said she'd leapt at the chance to remedy that after she saw buzz on Facebook about establishing little satellite libraries in the area.

Materials and construction of the library were donated by Waymart resident and businessman Brian Bosshard, owner of B.M.B. Custom Carpentry.

Bosshard had been assembling pieces for the recent Waystock event when Rollison approached him to put the library together.

Payment was offered, but Bosshard declined it, and chose instead to contribute his efforts to the community for free.

“Reading is very important,” said Bosshard, commenting on his daughter's love for books.

He was happy to help spread that interest to others.

Bosshard said the Little Free Libraries website had blueprints for various design styles the buildings could take.

He chose and modified a design based on his available materials, then shaped and colored the structure to resemble the iconic Waymart Depot building.

Space inside is copious with a floor and a shelf together look to be able to hold a few dozen books.

As part of the Little Free Library network, Waymart's book box is mapped and registered online at www.littlefreelibrary.org.