HONESDALE—The Commissioners voted to approve the fiscal year 2016 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) at their meeting last Thursday, August 10.

Totaling $408,999, the grant money will be used to fund housing and other development projects throughout Wayne County.

At the time of the grant's application in December of last year, the grant is looking to fund just over $85,000 for projects in Salem Township, just over $86,000 for projects in Honesdale Borough and a little over $237,000 for projects in non-entitlement municipalities within the county.

In other CDBG-related news, the Board of Commissioners approved budget modifications for Honesdale Borough's CDBG budget.

The adjustment provides outstanding funds totaling $32,467.48 from the fiscal year 2013 grant to be reallocated for use in current projects.

Youth Advisory Board

The commissioners approved the appointment of three high school students to the Children and Youth Services Advisory Board.

High school juniors Vaeda Pontosky from Western Wayne, Rietta Steffen from Wallenpaupack and Lily Anna Heffron from Wayne Highlands will all serve two year terms from October 1 of this year to August 30. 2019 in their respective high schools.

Promotions and new hires

The Commissioners promoted Taylor Davis from Caseworker 1 to 2 in the Office of Behavioral and Developmental Programs and Early Intervention for her length of dedicated service and completion of training certifications.

Effective Monday August 28, Davis will be compensated with an annual salary of $31,180.50 for 37.5 hour work weeks.

The commissioners approved the request of Warden Kevin Bishop to hire Chantel Skelton as a part-time Corrections Officer.

Effective August 14, Skelton will be compensated at a starting rate of $13 per hour.