VARDEN—The Western Wayne School Board of Directors approved a list of service contracts for school year 2017-2018 a their meeting Monday night.

Quarterly expenditures to Otis Elevator Co. increased by 3.7 percent to a total of $738.40 in the high school and $724.80 at Evergreen Elementary.

Similarly, at Robert D. Wilson (RDW) Elementary, quarterly elevator costs paid to Schindler Elevator Corp. rose 2.4 percent to total $868.92.

The board approved a service contract with Simplex Grinnell Fire Alarm Systems and Clocks for all four schools in the district.

Costs rose 6.5 percent for the service in the High School ($7,009.58 total), Middle School ($3,671.98 total) and RDW ($4,393.97 total).

Costs for the same service in Evergreen Elementary rose only 13.1 percent to a total of $1,580.98.

Other service agreements for Evergreen include one with Vector Security for an estimated $2,448, – part of a three year contract – wheelchair lift capabilities from Access Ability for a total of $670, and generator service from Leber & Bonham for a total of $1,328.

All three of these services had a zero percent increase over last year.

Transportation agreements

The board granted transportation contracts for the extended school year.

Effective July 6 through August 9, Herbert Black was approved to drive van #31 from Moscow to Wayne Highlands.

Effective June 19 through August 31, Debbie Swingle was approved to drive van #118 from Lake Ariel to Wilkes-Barre.

Contingent upon appropriate paperwork, the board also approved contracts for drivers and substitutes for the 2017-2018 school year.

Contractor Gerald Yedinak with driver Kim Hart, contractor Tia Strada with driver Karen Kizer and contractor Scottie Swingle Jr. with driver Katie Millen were all approved.

Along with these, the board approved Superintendent Matthew Barrett to award transportation contracts for the upcoming school year with the report submitted for approval at the directors' September 18 meeting.

Rate adjustments

Paraprofessional Denise Caucci received a rate increase for the upcoming school year due to completion of her Associate's Degree.

The board established starting rates for classified employees with bachelors degrees at $16 per hour and those with associates degrees at $13 per hour.