HAWLEY — These days the Hawley Public Library is boasting of not one but two new up-to-date copy machines thanks to the generosity of the Hawley Rotary Club.

Late in 2016 Rotarian Melanie Tek-Visgilio contacted Library Executive Director Deborah Corcoran to ask if the Library had any special needs. Says Corcoran, “I responded quickly with: ‘We sure could use new copy machines as both of our copy machines are in very poor condition!’”

This past March, Rotary Past President Laurie Frank delivered to the Library a Rotary check for $1,500, money that the Library has used to secure the new machines.

“They are wonderful!” Corcoran reports. “We get clearer copies and, in addition, there are more features including enlarging, collating, and even copies stapled together if needed.”

Commenting on the Rotary gift, Hawley Library Board President Margot Clauss notes, “Once again we are extremely grateful to the Hawley Rotary Club.

“They have been so very supportive over the years. Whenever they become aware of a need here at our Library, they do everything they can to help meet that need.”

“The Hawley Library is a very important part of the community,” says Mrs. Tek-Visgilio.

“Even though Hawley is a small town, the Library has exceptional resources and services and, if they don’t have what’s needed they work hard to get it.

“The Rotary is happy to help.”


THANK YOU HAWLEY ROTARY! – The wonderful new copy machines at the Hawley Public Library have been made possible by the donation of $1,500 received from the Hawley Rotary Club.