CARBONDALE  – Muralist Heather Evans of Olyphant adds finishing touches to the Western-themed painting on the side of the Carbondale Trading Post, 34 River Street.

For the last month, the local-area artist has used her summer days off from teaching English at Mid-Valley H.S. to add a bit of nostalgia to the local buy-sell-trade business.

Commissioned by the owner, she sketched her own designs and then transferred them to the building via an overhead projector.

“I love what I do,” said Evans. “It takes about a month to complete a project, and I get a kick out of it when people tell me that they go out of their way to drive by to watch the progress of my work. It’s summer FUN for me!”

Evans’ Lackawanna County - Arts & Culture contest-winning work can also be seen on the Jessup & Moscow Bridge. To view more of her talented summer FUN, like her on Facebook