HONESDALE—Main Street welcomes new addition Tap2Games to the row of storefronts on downtown's 800 block.

Specializing in table top and trading-card and board games of multiple varieties, Tap2Games offers featured gameplay and tournaments each night and sells myriad retail items including popular card games like the Pokemon Trading Card Game, Yugioh and Magic: The Gathering, said store owner JT Savage.

Savage explained that he used to work top-tier tech support for a pharmaceutical company before deciding to open his store.

“The one day I was just in my cubicle and I decided that I just wanted to do something more with my life and not have to listen to eight different mangers,” he said.

“So I drained the bank account, went out and got an investor and I opened up a game store.”

Savage explained that Honesdale is a prime location for his business as it's a central hub for numerous areas and the market was fairly open.

“I figured if I came out here I could get the Scranton crowd, Hawley, Honesdale, Lords Valley, Beach Lake, everywhere in between,” he said.

Savage stated that he'd also looked at locations on Route 6 in Texas Township, but the sheer volume of foot traffic on Main Street made it the more desirable setting.

Tap2Games held its grand opening on July 14 and has since seen steady increase in customer foot-traffic, said Savage.

“The first week we had a pretty big weekend because we had a lot of Magic: The Gathering related events. Since then, we've just been growing every week,” he stated.

As a Wizards of the Coast sanctioned location, Tap2Games is certified to host weekly Magic: The Gathering events every Friday at 6:30 featuring prize support and rankings in a national game register. Buy-in is $5.

Long-time Magic player and Tap2Games shop hand James Rockefeller stated the store ranks among top locations he's visited before.

“The shop's great,” he said, “the community's great. I'm really happy to see this kind of thing locally.”

“It's definitely the best shop in the area,” he said.

Other Magic: The Gathering events include a Commander's League held every Sunday at 4 p.m., sanctioned by StarCity Games.

The store also runs bi-weekly games of Dungeons & Dragons – a tabletop roleplaying game wherein players create fantasy characters and act out their adventures using dice rolls to accomplish their heroic feats.

Other gaming features at the store include television and game console set-ups including current generations of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo products.

Shop patron Jesse Seidel stated emphatically, “There's finally something to do around here.”

He was joined in enthusiasm by fellow patron Stephanie Nistad, who lauded the the shop as a positive place for youth and locals of all ages to spend their time.

There is still much to be moved into the space, said Savage.

This includes custom gaming tables as well as more shelving space for retail.

Also planned for the near future, Savage looks to install a computer local area network (LAN) wherein patrons can assemble groups of friends and play games such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft and other popular online video games.

“We're pumped!” said Savage, “We're just trying to get as many customers as we can, try to get a big clientele base and keep advancing.”

Tap2Games is open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Tap2Games can be found on Facebook under Tap2Games and Hobbies or their website: www.tap2games.com.

The store can also be reached by phone at (570) 832-3999.