HONESDALE—Main Street icon Jennz Cafe invites patrons to come celebrate its 15 years of dedicated service to the Honesdale community.

In gratitude for its customers devotion, Jennz will be hosting prize giveaways every 15 minutes between the hours of 8 a.m. and noon on Friday.

Prizes include things such as T-shirts, gift certificates, coffee mugs, assorted tickets and many other “awesome, awesome prizes,” said cafe proprietor Jen Rutledge.

The cafe serves breakfast and lunch meals everyday but Monday from its perch at 951 Main Street.

Renowned for its quality meals and a good cup of morning joe, the thing most spoken about by the cafe's patrons is the warm sentiment and the cozy atmosphere that keep them coming back.

“We treat all customers the same,” stated Rutledge, “like family.”

Rutledge said she's waited tables for 22 years now, enjoying her interactions with customers the best.

“The dining room is fun, the kitchen is work,” said Rutledge.

“I have fun out here teasing the customers,” she added with a smile.

As a testament to her dedication, cafe regular Jim McNealy stated, “You see how she works here? She never stops.”

“She's the greatest boss in the world,” he added.

“Some days I can't believe its 15 years,” said Rutledge, “It's true what old-timers say, time does fly when you're having fun.”

Helping to cultivate the cafe's atmosphere of positivity, Rutledge said she embraces the philosophy of facing every day as a new day, leaving one's troubles at the door.

She works to instill this ideal in her employees, as well as the concept that “no question is stupid.”

Much of her staff have worked for her for years, said Rutledge, adding, “I have the best staff on main street; They're not my staff, they're my family.”

The staff themselves stated they were quite pleased to work there.

Toni Bodie, a Jennz employee for over a decade stated she especially enjoys getting to know the customers.

They start to become like family, she explained, stating “it makes for an easy, comfortable work atmosphere.”

Bodie stated she enjoyed her coworkers as well in that they always pull together to help each other out.

Amber McGinnis, also working hard at the cafe, added to this sentiment stating that all the employees function like a true team and family.

“We like making customers happy,” said McGinnis, “I love seeing them smile.”

Noting the importance of cultivating such familial connection both between coworkers and customers, Rutledge explained that a large part of her cafe's success derives from her family's support over the years.

“I couldn't do this without my family. Family means everything,” said Rutledge.

In particular, she noted and gave thanks to her husband Dan, her daughter Brooke, her son D.J., his wife Amy and their son Ryder.

To all her customers, friends, family staff and supporters, Rutledge stated, “Thank you so much for 15 wonderful years,” before adding coyly with a wink, “I can't promise another 15.”