MILFORD - Pike County Commissioners, July 5th, approved leasing of parking spaces at the Pike County Correctional Facility for a mobile lab designed to help drug addicts seeking recovery. Positive Recovery Solutions has been contracted to provide the service as a follow-up to inmates being released who need continued injections of Vivitrol, for their recovery process. Counseling also will be conducted.

Chairman Matthew Osterberg said that the program is not limited to those who have been incarcerated. Those who have not been through the criminal justice system can also be served.
Vivitrol is used to mask the high or rush from opioids.

Another contract, with PrimeCare Medical, provides a 12 week program in the prison, and provides the initial Vivitrol injection as part of the inmate’s drug rehabilitation just prior to the inmate being released. Subsequent injections are given typically monthly. The follow-up injections can be funded through Medicaid, or if the patient lacks coverage, they can then be covered by state money that comes through the county.

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Pike County Commissioners meet on the first and third Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the Administration Building, 506 Broad St., Milford.