VARDEN—The Western Wayne School Board of Directors appointed Ethan Wood at a special meeting held on Wednesday July 5 to replace Andrew Gaudenzi who recently resigned his position.

After accepting Gaudenzi's resignation at their regular June meeting, the board advertised that they would be accepting letters of interest for anyone interested in filling out the remainder of his term which ends on December 4, 2017.

At the meeting, board president Donald Olsommer, Jr. stated they'd received only two letters.

Of the two applicants, Olsommer said that the board feels Wood is the most qualified, in part due to the fact he received the most votes of anyone else in Region 1 on either the Republican or Democratic ballots cast in the Primary elections held in May.

“The board had discussed previously about appointing Mr. Wood, only because he was the top vote getter in both parties, but we didn't wanna slight the other applicant. When it came down to the two, we went back to our first decision,” he said.

The board approved Wood's appointment unanimously in a vote of 6-0 with directors Donald McDonough and Roger Shaffer, Jr. excused from the meeting.

In reciting the director's oath, Wood swore to “discharge the duties of my office with fidelity.”

He later stated that he is “excited to have the opportunity to serve the community, serve the students and the parents, and the staff of the district.”

Wood will appear on the ballot for school board election in November, allowing the three months between now and then to function as a sample of the office's responsibilities.

“This is sort of a partial appointment, but I hope that I get a longer term after the election in November,” said Wood.

Overall, the board seemed confident in Wood's ability as a director.

“We're glad to have him,” stated Director Gary Enslin.

Board Director Bernice Fiorella said, “I think we got the right man for the job.”

She continued by stating that Wood will make a great addition to the team and that the board is excited to have him.

Wood will get his first taste for directorship at the board's committee meeting held later this month and again at the regular August meeting.