HONESDALE—Full repairs to the bridge spanning Dyberry Creek near the junction of routes 670 and 191 have been pushed back until after the conclusion of the Wayne County Fair.

Preparatory work including the installation of temporary traffic lights, safety cones and warning signs began in April.

The safety barrier, however, will not be built in time to complete the repairs before fair season, stated Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) spokesperson Mike Taluto.

As was reported earlier, the 51 year old bridge is expected to see nearly 16,000 vehicles driving to and from the fairgrounds during fair week.

So as not to adversely affect the flow of traffic or risk limiting emergency response routes, barrier construction will be postponed until immediately after the close of festivities, said Taluto.

Use of the temporary traffic lights will not be implemented until August 14. They will remain in use until both the demolition and deck replacement phases have been completed.

Taluto said light utility work will continue to be performed until the fair starts in preparation for the project's full development.

According to PennDOT's weekly roadwork report, necessary work for the project includes the rehabilitation of the existing two span I-beam bridge, new retaining wall, temporary pedestrian bridge, temporary traffic signal, traffic detour, rock embankment, sidewalk and curbs, guiderail, and pavement markings.

Once the repairs begin, all necessary structural improvements are expected to be finished by the end of the construction season in October.

The repaired bridge will then receive epoxy and surface treatment to seal and preserve it in the spring.

The project will cost nearly $1.2 million.