HONESDALE—On June 29, the Wayne County commissioners approved the Civil Services/Human Services pay scale which is adopted for the State 2017-2018 fiscal year that begins in July.

Effective from the first day of next month, pay rates for county workers covered under this scale will raise by 2.75 percent.

Commissioner Wendell Kay stated that the increase is designed to match the increases given to other county workers earlier this year whose fiscal year begins each January.

Along with the rate increase, the commissioners adopted the county's compensation plan for civil service covered employees, effective from July 1 onwards.

Wayne County Chief Clerk Vicky Botjer explained this compensation plan indicates where each designated civil service position in the county fits on the new scale.

Additionally, the commissioners approved new salary lists for the offices of Aging, Transportation and Human Services, Behavioral and Developmental Programing and Early Intervention, the Drug & Alcohol Commission and Children & Youth Services, all effective starting July 1.

“It's a tremendous amount of work done by Andrea Whyte, Vicky, everybody in Andy's departments from the fiscal end to develop those schedules, not only individualizing it for the four areas we just spoke about, but building the Civil Service Scale,” complimented Commissioner Joseph Adams.

To highlight this, he went on to explain the difficulties involved in working with a spreadsheet of the magnitude needed to cover all the county positions affected by the scale to ensure that each entry is both fair and accurate.

“I just wanna say hats off. It's a very, very difficult thing to do, it takes tremendous amount of effort to put that all together and then to verify and double verify it.”

Adams thanked all parties involved for putting forth the effort to accomplish this goal.

Human Resources Executive Director Andrea Whyte was in attendance should the need for her assistance in the scale change adoption have been required.

She thanked the commissioners in turn on behalf of her department and all the offices attached.

Near the meeting's end, Botjer gave a reminder that the courthouse administrative building will be closed on Tuesday July 4 in recognition of Independence Day.

She bid the public be safe while celebrating the holiday.