HONESDALE—Last Thursday, the Wayne County commissioners honored Adult Probation Office Deputy Chief Jonathan Dunsinger and Laurie Collins, Chief Deputy in the Prothonotary's Office, with commemorative certificates for their twenty years each of service to the municipality.

In thanking the pair for their “exemplary service,” Commissioner Brian Smith stated “I just want to take the opportunity to say thank you very much for your dedication and hard work.

“You're both very, very diligent in what you do and it's really nice when you get an opportunity to publicly appreciate people who work so hard for the county and for the people of the county.”

Smith mentioned that the work often goes unrecognized by the public, especially if they are unfamiliar with what a particular county job entails.

Commissioner Wendell Kay praised the pair for the vital work they do in keeping the county safe; he thanked Dunsinger for the more evident protection offered by the probation office's dealing with criminal offenders and he thanked Collins for the oft unseen protection the Prothonotary's office provides in safekeeping county records.

“Public records,” said Kay, “If we can't properly maintain them and make sure that they are safe and secure, a lot of what we do around here doesn't have much meaning.”

He later added “the fact that you have done your jobs so well without drawing attention to yourselves speaks volumes to me about your personality but also your functionality in the position.”

Commissioner Joseph Adams stated he was pleased to see such dedication from the county's workers even in the short time he has served on the Board of Commissioners.

“I'm amazed and thankful and very proud to be part of an organization that has so many terrific, hardworking people.”

Adams highlighted that many of the county's employees have milestone tenures of ten, twenty, twenty-five, and thirty years.

“To me that's just amazing,” said Adams, “it doesn't happen anymore in the world. It shows your commitment to your jobs to your coworkers, to the people of the county.”

He concluded with “hats off to you, congratulations, continue to keep up the good work.”