LAKE TOWNSHIP—Responders pulled the body of a man out of Lake Ariel on Sunday June 25.

Lake Ariel Fire Chief Mike DiPierro said his crew was dispatched to the incident at 4:54 p.m. Supporting responders came from Maplewood, Hamlin, Browndale and Ledgedale fire and rescue departments.

DiPierro said the crews worked to pull the man from the water and rest him on the dock where EMTs began administering CPR.

The patient was quickly loaded into an ambulance and delivered to Wayne Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival at 5:34 p.m. according to the coroner's report.

The report identifies the victim as Tommaso Allocca, 68, of Medford, New York.

Wayne County Coroner Edward Howell stated in an email that Allocca suffered an acute cardiac event while standing on the lake's shore.

The event caused the elderly man to fall into the water where he subsequently drowned as a result.